LiTRV provides coach owners with a multi-faceted, 100% transparent, digital, and secure experience for the management of your motorcoach equipment.  Owner incentives and benefits include: Storage, vehicle inspection, transport/delivery, warranty & maintenance work, driver & operator training, remodel/project management, appraisals, and buyer/consignment assistance.

A LiTRV owner brings a wide variety of wants, needs, and expectations. Every “coach”, “big rig”, “bus”, “RV”, and owner can demand and request a wide variety of motorcoach management services. LiTRV provides owners with a connection that focuses on the coach value and owner expectations. So if you are the newbie looking for your first Prevost, a seasoned road warrior that wants a driver and tow vehicle Coast to Coast or Glamping Gram who’s taking a break from the road…We want to work with you

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Shortly after purchasing our brand new motorcoach in 2015 we realized that our coach would only be used a few times each year, and decided to test the rental/share marketplace. LiTrv came right to our house to discuss their services and inspected our motor-coach to ensure it met LiTrv quality standards. The LiTrv motorcoach consultant/driver ensures our coach is being operated properly at all times, and also gives users the ability to fully enjoy the motorcoach lifestyle. We trust LiTrv with our big rig.

Richard & Karen, Clermont, FL