Since 2008 LiTRV has been cultivating a vast network of top private luxury Motorcoach owners, discretionary renters, professional managers/drivers, RV suppliers, and travel partners. We provide a safe, secure, and seamless way to utilize a luxury Motorcoach.

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Event Hospitality

Make your next event unforgettable with a motorcoach outfitted, set up, and ready to host where you need it. We work with each client to ensure every detail is managed while your guests enjoy all the amenities a luxury motorcoach offers. So let’s Run for the Roses at the Kentucky Derby, or set up camp at Coachella, maybe gather up the guys and hit the Road to the Final Four. Wherever your event takes you, a LiTRV will provide the comfort and luxury your lifestyle demands.

Specialized Transport

Private motorcoach travel is nearly limitless and offers comfort, flexibility, and amenities you expect while at home or office. LiTRV has the build a network of travel partners to assist with speciality needs such as medical-related transport, stress-free pet travel, and kid friendly travel that allows accessibility and flexibility while underway.

Family Travel

This is the roadtrip redefined! Keep entertained with in-motion DirectTV or Dish Network, and stay connected with a on-board WiFi. All LiTRV motorcoaches come standard with full kitchens, spacious bathrooms, and room to stretch out and relax while your family reconnects and moves safely down the road for your next adventure. LiTRV offers one-way or destination travel if you prefer to arrive by private jet or chartered yacht service.

Luxurious Accommodations

Sweet dreams are made of LiTRV. The accommodations offered in a luxury motorcoach can rival a Ritz, while allowing the flexibility to relocate the 5 star hotel on wheels anywhere within reason! You’ve come to expect the best for your family and friends. LiTRV has you covered.

Mobile Meeting Space

Looking for a private, distraction free, first class meeting space that comes with all the amenities you and your clients come to expect. So go ahead and build a quality relationship with clients, be productive from point A to B, and understand your constituents better as your motorcoach creates the space for you to be you.

Natural Disaster Preparedness

It’s quickly becoming a fact of life that we all are being affected by strong and powerful weather systems. All LiTRV luxury Motorcoaches offer on-board generators that can supply weeks of off-grid living for you and your loved ones.


Easy set up, step-by-step guidance, super friendly support. I am very happy with the outcome and all my dealings with LiTrv have been very pleasant. Highly recommended!

Alex, San Francisco


Shortly after purchasing our brand new motorcoach in 2015 we realized that our coach would only be used a few times each year, and decided to test the rental/share marketplace. LiTrv came right to our house to discuss their services and inspected our motor-coach to ensure it met LiTrv quality standards. The LiTrv motorcoach consultant/driver ensures our coach is being operated properly at all times, and also gives users the ability to fully enjoy the motorcoach lifestyle. We trust LiTrv with our big rig.

Richard & Karen, Clermont, FL