Motorcoach Owner Support & Management

LiTRV is Luxury in Travel. The staff brings more than 50 years of experience with all luxury motorcoaches, including Prevost, hospitality services, travel management, account management and client relations. Their goal is to provide a positive motorcoach experience for buyers, seller, owners, and short-term guests.

To discuss the LiTRV Luxury Motorcoach Care & Maintenance Program or other coach services available, please contact Mike at 855-405-2420 or via email at

Coach Owner Advocacy

With LiTRV, you are never alone. Owners of luxury motorcoaches have full advocacy of coach experts with a vast network of resources and 24/7 support. Upgrade decisions, rental, purchase and sale opportunities, storage and routine maintenance are all made easier when you have someone to recommend and guide you through the process. Coach owners are only one call away from receiving support from a LiTRV coach advocate.

Motorcoach Care & Maintenance

Proper motorcoach care and maintenance takes time and expertise. Advocates at LiTRV understand the importance of frequent and routine attention, in order to keep a coach road ready while retaining maximum value of the asset. The LiTRV Luxury Motorcoach Care & Maintenance Program puts them in control of every detail so that you can have confidence that your coach will be ready when you need it and of maximum value when you decide to sell or upgrade. LiTRV can take on the day-to-day responsibilities, assist on a monthly basis, or step up for on demand requests.

Motorcoach Transport & Storage

Your coach can be wherever you want it and set up for however you need it. LiTRV coach managers are trusted, experienced, vetted, and highly qualified to drive and operate Prevost motorcoaches along with a variety of luxury RVs. Working with LiTRV can provide motorcoach owners the ability to maximize use for planned as well as lastminute needs. LiTRV works with luxury motorcoach resorts, public & private storage providers, and facilities throughout the US and a limited Canadian Province/regions for parking and storage needs.

Rental Representation

RV-sharing has become very popular and offers coach owners an opportunity to generate income when they are not using their coach. Some coach owners are unsure of how to start, and others are not trusting of allowing others to use their coach. LiTRV offers an all-inclusive and safe way for owners to benefit from the income without most of the work involved while their coach is monitored throughout the process. The RV-sharing concepts have evolved and LiTRV has adapted to a new consumer and client looking to create and find new experiences. LiTRV full concierge-type services provide private drivers for the ultimate motorcoach experience. We oversee event use with onsite managers, and curate luxury leisure travel with professional RV travel management.