Hearthside Grove is the brainchild of two keen developers, Craig and Kirk Rose. The duo wanted their luxury motorcoach resort to provide first-class accommodation for RVers while also preserving Michigan’s beautiful lake and forest scenery. The result is some of the finest motorcoach living in the heart of the north.

Are you planning a trip to Hearthside Grove? Here are some of the things you can do once you arrive:

Explore Nature

Hearthside Grove sits right at the heart of a rural setting with plenty of opportunities to explore the surrounding backcountry. Guests can enjoy quick access to lake trails and forests, making it the ideal destination for hikers and bikers. There are also canoeing opportunities on some of the smaller surrounding lakes for those who are keen.

Check Out Petoskey’s Historic Gaslight District

Hearthside Grove is also just a few minutes’ drive from Petoskey, a small town that sits on the shores of Little Traverse Bay. The area is famous for its boutique shopping opportunities and restaurants. Many of the outlets in the town are utterly unique, selling products you can’t find elsewhere in the state.

Visit Petoskey State Park

Petoskey State Park is a popular haunt among people visiting Hearthside Grove. This little patch of paradise sits close to Round Lake and is perfect for large groups and families, particularly in the summer.

If you visit the area, head on down to the shores of Lake Michigan and, if you’re feeling brave, dip your feet in the ice-cold waters. Then spend some time looking for Petoskey and Charlevoix stones for your collection. Just make sure that you bring a sturdy pair of shoes with you. Walking on pebbles with bare feet can hurt.

Cycle The Little Traverse Wheelway

The Little Traverse Wheelway is a 24-mile-long paved trail that runs from Charlevoix to Harbor Springs, following the curvature of Little Traverse Bay. The route provides stunning views of Lake Michigan and dates all the way back to 1880 when locals would ride penny farthings along it.

To access the trailhead near Charlevoix, go to Shanahan Field. For Harbor Springs, go to Kosequat Park.

Visit The Bear River Valley Recreation Area

Lastly, you’ll want to visit the Bear River Valley Recreation Area. Here you’ll find a variety of paved and unpaved trails with parking for most vehicles dotted around across multiple locations. The gravel trail that runs due south is popular among people looking to catch a glimpse of rare wildflowers growing in their natural habitat. As you walk, you’ll go through beautiful forests and come close to fast-flowing rivers that are a haven for wildlife.

Explore Hearthside Grove in Your Own Luxury Motorcoach

In summary, Hearthside Grove offers the nature-lover in you everything you could possibly want. However, to visit, you’ll need your own motorcoach.

Fortunately, at LiTRV, we offer a range of luxury RV rentals complete with a driver. This way, you can access this stunning resort in northern Michigan without any of the usual hassle.