Flying is convenient when you want to cover large distances quickly. But it’s not for everyone.

According to figures, approximately 40 percent of the population report some fear of flying, while 2.5 percent have a clinically diagnosed phobia. Furthermore, 57 percent of people feel bothered by TSA “pat-downs,” while 42 percent dislike invasive full-body scans.

Therefore, many people want alternative ways to travel. This page looks at seven options, including traveling in a luxury coach. Here’s everything you need to know:


Travel by bus

Getting around by bus is one of the cheapest ways to avoid flying. You can cover enormous distances at a low cost in the U.S. and travel to neighboring countries. Buses run from the northern reaches of Alaska to the southern tip of Chile.

Some buses offer complimentary WiFi, extra leg space, air conditioning, and plush seating.

Of course, there are some significant downsides for those used to luxury travel. For example, you can’t stop off for rest breaks whenever you want. Instead, you need to follow the bus company’s itinerary.

Often you will sit close to people you don’t know. Other times, the ride may not be smooth, and the seating may not be comfortable. Bus companies often fail to invest in state-of-the-art vehicles, which is not ideal if you have a bad back.


Travel by car (self-drive)

Another option is to drive yourself by car. It gives you more freedom compared to most other transport options, and, unlike buses, you can take stops along the way whenever you want.

Of course, there are downsides. First, driving yourself can be tiring. Ten hours cruising along an open highway is enough to make anyone feel exhausted. It’s not exactly a luxurious experience.

Second, you have to prepare everything yourself. Filling the tank, packing luggage, and servicing your vehicle can be a massive hassle.

Renting a car can be even more restrictive. Rental firms may limit how far you can travel and require you to return the vehicle at a certain time.


Travel by car (hire a driver)

Getting someone else to drive you can help with some of the stress of driving yourself. A chauffeur deals with parking and cruising along open highways for hours at a stretch.

However, there are still significant downsides. Cars, for instance, don’t provide much space. You can’t move around much while the vehicle is in motion, increasing the risk of discomfort and health issues.

They also lack basic amenities, such as bathrooms or cooking facilities. If you need the restroom or want a meal, you must rely on roadside services that might be infrequent.


Travel by Train

An alternative option is to travel by train. In the U.S., you can use this method of transport to go to most major cities on the east and west coasts. You can also take transcontinental lines across the country, stopping off at places like Topeka, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Sacramento.

Unfortunately, the U.S. does not have any genuine high-speed rail. Therefore, journeys across the country can take a long time.

However, many European and East Asian countries have faster networks. For instance, Spain has the most high-speed rail track per capita of any country in the world, letting you travel between distant cities in minutes, not hours. Japan also has the legendary bullet train, capable of traveling more than 200 mph.

Trains offer onboard refreshments and bathrooms. You can also upgrade to first class for a superior experience which you can’t do on a bus.

However, trains don’t let you stop to explore. If you see something you like outside the window, you can’t just stop and check it out.


Travel by Motorcycle

If you are a biker with a license, you can also travel by motorcycle. Two wheels let you feel closer to the environments you want to explore. You get a panoramic view of nature and can detour off the beaten path when adventure calls.

Of course, motorcycling is sometimes dangerous. Motorcyclists account for 14 percent of all crash-related fatalities in the U.S. despite comprising 4 percent of the population.

Riding a motorcycle can also be uncomfortable. Motorcyclists regularly feel too hot or cold on trips wearing thick leather and heavy helmets, which can wreck the experience.


Travel by Boat


Another option is to travel by boat along the east or west coast of the USA. Ocean liners provide world-class amenities and entertainment. Ships often have multiple restaurants, a spa, a pool, a gym, and tennis courts. It’s like living in a city but at sea.


Travel by luxury motorcoach (provided by LiTRV)

The final and perhaps the best option is to travel by a luxury motorcoach provided by LiTRV. Motorcoaches avoid many of the problems associated with other modes of transport.

Unlike trains and boats, for instance, you can stop wherever you want on your journey. You also have plenty of space and don’t need to share a cabin with other passengers (unless they are your friends and family, of course).

All the facilities you need are available continuously, such as the kitchen and bathroom. And our drivers will chauffeur you wherever you need to go, eliminating stress or parking and making your journey more comfortable.

Motorcoaches let you travel in luxury and experience the spirit of adventure at the same time. They are suitable for adults of all ages, children, and even pets.

Experience Motorcoach Travel as an Alternative to Flying with LiTRV

If you dislike flying and want another way to travel, then a motorcoach rental could be just what you need. By choosing to travel in one of our motorcoaches, you can avoid airport queues, inappropriate TSA frisking, and low-quality airline food. You also get access to all the services you need, plenty of space to relax, and the ability to go anywhere you want, on your schedule.