People miss being outdoors, creating fun unique memories with loved ones, and experiencing the beauty and freedom travel has to offer. As people continue to feel restricted because of safety regulations, lockdowns, fear, and quarantines the desire for escaping to the enjoyment of travel strengthens. Although the pandemic has restricted much of our daily lives there is opportunity to expand our horizons and seek out new experiences never realized through luxury motorcoach travel (and you don’t even need to own the motorcoach).

The motorcoach industry has boomed since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. This industry surge is because traveling by motorcoach provides a more controlled and safer environment to experience the joys of traveling. Depending on the travelers needs and desires accommodations are available. Whether visiting private vineyards, touring exclusive art collections, setting off on new adventures, or staying at luxurious motorcoach resorts the opportunities are endless. The world awaits your exploration.

Traveling via motorcoach limits exposure with the ability to responsibly escape the stresses, isolation, and hopelessness this pandemic has made many of us feel. Travelers have the luxury of avoiding airports, ubers, shuttles, crowds, and high exposure situations. For example, LiTRV who provides curated experiences of luxury, convenience, and service professionally sanitizes each motorcoach then delivers it right to your doorstep. While many people will “stay at home”, you are able to remain safer by taking your home with you as you load your personal belongings into a luxurious hotel room on wheels.

Come experience what luxury the road has to offer. The time for you is now!