How to Choose a Motorcoach Rental Firm for Your Next Vacation Adventure

How to Choose a Motorcoach Rental Firm for Your Next Vacation Adventure

You and your family want a luxury motorcoach rental and take a memorable vacation for a few weeks. Whether you’re familiar with RVs, or this will be your first experience traveling in an RV, it’s important to know your choices when assessing your rental options.

Interior of a luxury motorcoach rental

The process of renting an RV for a vacation is not that different from renting a hotel room. There are many options, and much depends on what level of service you desire and your budget.


The Difference Between Motorcoach Rental Types


There are some companies, like Cruise America, which specialize in renting Class C motorcoaches. Most of these recreational vehicles are between 21 and 41 feet long and have a storage area or sleeping compartment over the driver’s cab. However, that’s not what makes them a Class C vehicle. Their defining feature is their “raw” van chassis. Manufacturers cut away at all the paneling behind the driver’s cabin, leaving only the supporting struts, wheel axles, and exhaust. They then construct the accommodation and living quarters on top of these. Large families choose this RV style because they are less expensive, and they provide enough space for their children. Class C recreational vehicles are usually easier to drive as well. To learn more visit our previous post outlining the difference between and standard RV and luxury RV rental.

Example of Class C RV rental

There are other companies, like Outdoorsy, RVnGo, and RVShare, which are peer-to-peer marketplaces, much like Airbnb, with a wider variety of recreational vehicles and campervans. This firm connects you directly to the RV owner so you can ask questions about the vehicle and do a key exchange either through an arranged delivery or by picking it up at the owner’s property.


Renting a Luxury Class A Motorcoach

For the ultimate travel experience, consider renting a luxury Class A motorcoach from a full-service firm like LiTRV. Class A motorcoaches are the most extravagant RVs on the market, ranging from 39 to 45 feet long. Relax in the plush confines of your “hotel suite on wheels,” which features all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds, multiple bathrooms, washer and dryer and even a dishwasher.

When you choose to rent a luxury motorcoach through a full-service rental company, you also have peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is safe, clean, and that all amenities are working properly. Our LiTRV team inspects each coach prior to rental, and should a problem arise on the road during your journey, our professional drivers may be able to solve the problem or we’ll arrange for mobile service or find another timely solution.

These are important things to consider. For example, if you rent directly from an owner in San Diego and two days into your trip, you’re at a campsite and your water valve doesn’t open, chances are likely that the owner won’t drive to meet you to assist you. Or, if you’re in the middle of the high desert and the engine stops running, you may be stuck. Some firms, like Outdoorsy, have roadside assistance so long as you purchase that insurance, but in that scenario, you would still have to find another similar RV near you.


Benefits of a Luxury RV Rental


Another benefit of hiring a full-service luxury motorcoach rental firm such as LiTRV is that you have access to a concierge service that will help you assess which type of luxury RV to rent depending on your needs. For example, an older couple with mobility issues will likely have different needs than a young family of four traveling with their dog. We’ll also help plan your itinerary, make reservations at luxury RV resorts or popular resorts and spas, and assist with other travel plans, such as making reservations at national parks, fine dining reservations, and more.

In addition, LiTRV can assist you with renting additional vehicles that can be towed behind the luxury motorcoach rental or we can tow your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles.


Example of a luxury motorcoach rental available from Luxury in Travel

If you’re ready to treat yourself to a memorable vacation in a luxury motorcoach rental, plan on budgeting a minimum of $15,000 for one week.

If budget constraints limit your options, you may want to explore RV rental firms like Cruise America, Outdoorsy, RVnGo, and RVShare. These companies have solid reputations for the services they provide.

It all boils down to what type of travel adventure you are seeking, and what level of service is best suited for you.

Entrepreneur Couple Enjoy Their First Vacation in a Luxury RV with their Dogs

Entrepreneur Couple Enjoy Their First Vacation in a Luxury RV with their Dogs

As successful entrepreneurs, Shiloh and Kheila J. are used to problem-solving. As the owners of multiple companies with more than 200 employees, they are passionate about the work they do in the human services industry, and their days, evenings, and weekends are often full of work-related challenges that require immediate attention.

But when it came to solving the problem of taking a much-needed vacation with their two French Bulldogs, they were not sure what to do.

They knew what they didn’t want – taking their dogs on an airplane was out of the question.

They knew they needed strong internet service because they couldn’t completely unplug from work and Shiloh also wanted it for his gaming. After nearly two years without a vacation, they desperately needed some time for themselves, but they didn’t know where to start.

Customizing a Vacation to Fit Their Needs

Shiloh started researching options and found LiTRV through a Google search. He connected with LiTRV co-owner Jim Colletti, who helped the couple research options for the customized vacation they desired.

“Neither of us had ever set foot in an RV before, let alone a luxury motorcoach, and Jim completely guided us through the planning process,” Shiloh said. “He helped us dissect our options to create the best RV experience that fit our needs. We didn’t want to spend more than a day traveling to our destination and the luxury accommodations were important to us. Ultimately, we wanted to have the ability to tune out from the world and enjoy our time together.”

Jim recommended a trip from their home in Virginia to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The beautiful luxury RV resort is set on 50 acres of fully landscaped property, about a mile from the beach, with biking paths, pickleball courts, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a resort pool, fully equipped gym, large clubhouse, laundry facilities and most importantly, for Shiloh and Kheila, a large dog park.

LiTRV arranged for a professional driver to pick them up at their home, with their two Frenchies, and take them to the luxury RV resort in a Travel Supreme 45’ luxury Class A motorcoach. The beautiful motorcoach has four slides creating a very open floor plan with a king bedroom with walk-in closet and a single bath with double sinks. The main cabin includes a large seating area, dinette, a queen pull-out sofa and expansive kitchen with microwave, cooktop, residential refrigerator, and dishwasher. The motorcoach also has a stackable washer and dryer, plenty of closet space and a lot of under coach storage.

Relaxing at a Luxury RV Resort

When they arrived at the resort, their LiTRV driver set them up at a premium lakefront lot and made sure they had everything they needed before leaving them to enjoy their time together. He also checked to confirm that there were three ways of connecting to the internet. LiTRV provided a Wi-Fi hotspot on the motorcoach and went a step further to set up a Starlink satellite system. In addition, the resort also provided internet access for guests.

“It was really enjoyable,” Kheila said. “We had the best of both worlds – the people at the resort were amazing, as were the resort amenities. We were able to get some good walks in, take the dogs to the dog park, and relax while still having the ability to stay connected to work.”

The couple ordered from Uber Eats but also made use of their own kitchen on the motorcoach.

“Our dogs are on a strict diet, and we needed the ability to cook them chicken, sweet potatoes and rice,” Kheila said.

Kheila is the Executive Director of the couple’s nonprofit, Atlantic Outreach Group, which strives to empower vulnerable communities by connecting them to resources necessary for their success. She is also a talented abstract painter, (, and the vacation gave her a chance to recharge her creative energy.

“I aim to create expressions of emotion through various mediums, mainly acrylics,” she said. “I love using textured bright and bold colors as a way of connecting with people.”

Passionate about giving back to the community, Kheila donates the proceeds from every painting to various nonprofit programs in the area.

Overall, Shiloh and Kheila had a positive experience during their first time vacationing in a luxury RV…so much so, they will consider doing it again.

“We came home relaxed and recharged,” Shiloh said, adding that it made a difference to have LiTRV’s customized support. “We didn’t know anything about luxury RV resorts or traveling in a luxury motorcoach, and it really made a difference to have an experienced person guide us,” he said.

Whether you’re new to traveling in a luxury motorcoach, you’re seeking an alternative to air travel, or you are familiar with the many benefits of luxury RV travel and you’re ready for your next travel adventure, our LiTRV team is ready to help you explore your travel options.

These 5 Luxury Gift Ideas Will Wow Your Loved One

These 5 Luxury Gift Ideas Will Wow Your Loved One

The holidays are here, and you’re seeking a one-of-a-kind luxury gift for that special person in your life. Whether it’s wrapped up in a box with a beautiful bow, or it’s a luxury adventure that can only be experienced together, lavish your loved one with an extravagant gift.  Here are some ideas:


An Exclusive Luxury Motorcoach Vacation with a Private Driver starting at $2,500/day.

Whether for a few weeks or a few months, unwind in the plush confines of an exclusive luxury motorcoach. Relish the fusion of comfort and indulgence. From the rolling hills of horse country to warm sands of coastal beaches, this curated adventure promises an unparalleled fusion of elegance and relaxation. Be chauffeured to your bucket list destinations in the United States and Canada by a private and professional driver. Your luxury coach is a hotel suite on wheels with all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds and multiple bathrooms. Start a conversation with a LiTRV concierge by calling 1-800-369-8153 or fill out the form on our home page for a quote.


Charter a Yacht from TV’s “Below Deck” for $325,000 for a week, excluding expenses.

You don’t have to be a fan of the popular Below Deck show on Bravo and Peacock to appreciate sailing to a Caribbean or Mediterranean island or a popular port city in a private yacht. Forbes reports that you can charter a yacht for $325,000 a week. To learn about your options, visit Tropicalboat Luxury Yacht Charters and Rentals.


A Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 luxury pen for $27,500.

Two iconic brands – Montblanc and Ferrari – have pushed the boundaries of design and innovation to create this beautiful writing instrument. According to the Official Ferrari Magazine, the Montblanc Ferrari Stilema SP3 Limited Edition 599 was co-created under the watch of Ferrari’s design department headed by Flavio Manzoni, the man responsible for the creation of cars like the F8 Tributo, the 296 GTB and the new 499P Hypercar. A Forbes article reported the cost to be $27,500. To learn more about this truly grand pen or other luxury pens, visit Montblanc.


AURA by Vision Ears and Astell&Kern Earphones for $4,200.

Luxury can take on many different forms, and sometimes the best gift is cutting-edge technology. If your loved one is a musician, audio engineer or audiophile, you might consider surprising them with a pair of AURA earphones by Vision Ears and Astell&Kern. Featuring uncompromising design and unrivaled technology, these unique earphones allow the wearer to fully immerse themselves into their musical or audio experience. Learn more by visiting Astell&Kern.


A Wine Tour to 12 Worldwide Destinations for $150,000+ per person.

Touted as “The Most Expensive Wine Tour in the World,” according to Tabl, this month-long trip takes you to 12 of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, where you will have the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the world. Along the way, you will learn about the unique flavors and characteristics of each region, as well as the history and culture that has shaped the wine-making traditions of each area.

Of course, the greatest luxury gift we can give each other is time. That’s why LiTRV is a big advocate of curating memorable vacations and travel experiences. We wish you all a very happy, healthy holiday season!

Make Plans Now to Rent a Luxury RV for Next Year’s Holidays and Gatherings

Make Plans Now to Rent a Luxury RV for Next Year’s Holidays and Gatherings

Are you dreading air travel this holiday season? Or do you have anxiety about driving a full day to visit family or friends in another state? While your holiday plans may be set this year, it’s a great time to start planning a unique, relaxing, memorable holiday vacation next year. Consider renting a luxury motorcoach with a private driver!

A Luxury Hotel Suite on Wheels

Whether for a week or a month, unwind during the holidays in the plush confines of an exclusive luxury motorcoach. Relish the fusion of comfort and indulgence. Be chauffeured to your family reunion or holiday vacation in the U.S. and Canada by a private and professional driver. Your luxury coach is a hotel suite on wheels with all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds and multiple bathrooms.

Customize a Holiday Vacation to Fit Your Needs

Our LiTRV team is ready to help you assess rental options and plan a customized, memorable luxury RV holiday vacation for you and your family or friends. Here are some ideas:


Plan a holiday vacation for your family and bring the dogs.

Don’t let the stress of finding a pet sitter ruin your holiday vacation. There’s plenty of room inside a luxury RV for you to bring your pets. While our team has moved cats and other small animals, dogs seem to adjust well to traveling in a large, spacious, luxury RV. Many luxury RV resorts also have dog-friendly accommodations that include a dog park.


Choose a festive holiday destination to visit in a warm or mild climate.

With multiple beds and bathrooms inside a luxury motorcoach, there’s plenty of space for your extended family or friends. Choose a festive holiday destination where temperatures may be warmer, such as Nashville, Tennessee, St. Augustine, Florida, or Savannah, Georgia, which are known for their holiday lights displays, high-end boutiques, fine dining, and other holiday events.


Plan a holiday family reunion on a large parcel of land.

Hosting a holiday celebration at your home can be stressful, and sometimes, there’s not enough room for out-of-town guests. If you or your family members own a large piece of property, plan a family reunion on your land. LiTRV can deliver and set up one or more luxury motorcoaches on your property and be on call should you need our services during your time together.


Arrange for grandparents to travel to your home on a luxury motorcoach.

If traveling by air is no longer an option for your grandparents or older relatives, consider renting a luxury motorcoach with a professional driver who can transport them to your home for an extended holiday stay. If mobility issues are a challenge, our LiTRV team can adjust the height of beds and toilet bowls and make sure bathroom showers include seats and grab bars. If your grandparent needs the assistance of a health aide, our team can work with them to ensure that they have everything they need to provide quality care during the journey.


Combine work with leisure in a remote office on wheels.

If you’re an entrepreneur or you have a high-pressure job that does not allow you to fully unplug during the holidays, consider renting a luxury motorcoach with a private chauffeur so you can spend time away from home with family or friends. Whether you visit a luxury RV resort set on a beautiful golf course, or you prefer a coastal city with serene sunset ocean views, LiTRV can ensure you have strong Wi-Fi service for when you do need to work. Spend the rest of the time exploring your vacation destination with your family or friends.


Let LiTRV Help You Rent a Luxury RV for a Memorable Vacation

As you can imagine, many luxury RV resorts and other destinations book up quickly for the holidays, so planning a year in advance is wise. Talk with your family and friends this holiday season to gauge their interest in a renting a luxury motorcoach for a unique vacation and write down some of the questions you may have. Think about where you’d like to travel to and what your travel needs may be. While there are many variables that will affect the cost of your luxury motorcoach vacation, plan on spending a minimum of $2,500 per day. Our LiTRV team can help you assess rental options, provide customized itinerary options and a more accurate estimate once we have a better idea of your travel plans. To start the conversation, call us at 1-800-369-8153 or fill out the form on our home page for a quote.

Getting To and Staying Near the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale

Getting To and Staying Near the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction in Scottsdale

It’s touted as the “World’s Greatest Classic Car Auction,” and each January during Arizona Car Week, thousands of collector car enthusiasts travel to Scottsdale, Arizona to view and bid on everything from vintage Ferraris and Porches to Ford Mustangs and Mercury Cougars. According to Barrett-Jackson, more than 1,900 vehicles crossed the auction block in January 2023, and top performers included supercars, original muscle, and Resto-Mods.


Travel in Style in a Luxury Motorcoach

One alternative to flying on a commercial airliner to Scottsdale is to rent a luxury motorcoach for you and your family or friends, where you can travel in style and comfort. When you travel in a luxury motorcoach, you have all the amenities that are found in a hotel, including queen-size and bunk beds, full bathrooms with showers, a large refrigerator, kitchen sink, oven, dishwasher, large screen television with WiFi, and plenty of storage space.

LiTRV can help you assess what type of motorcoach would be the best fit for you and arrange for a professional driver, should you choose not to drive.

Or, if you are flying to Arizona via private jet, LiTRV can meet you at the airport, where you can settle into your luxury motorcoach for the remainder of your vacation. Arizona is beautiful in January, and you might consider extending your trip beyond the car auction so you can explore the state and soak in the warmth of the desert.

Once you’re in Arizona, there are many options for accommodations. LiTRV can make reservations at a luxury RV resort, or we can arrange for you to stay at a high-end resort. Our professional driver will drop you off and pick you up when you are ready to move on to your next destination.

Here are some ideas:


Eagle View RV Resort

Eagle View RV Resort offers world-class facilities while allowing you to enjoy all the perks of staying in a private RV.

The park offers 150 premium and deluxe sites in the Sonoran high desert, well away from the noise of Phoenix. Quiet and relaxing, the resort offers year-round recreation opportunities, making it the perfect stop-off for the car auction. On-site facilities include laundry, showers, pickleball courts, a pet park, a heated pool, and a 24-hour fitness room. Hiking in the Tonto National Forest is just minutes away, and guests are free to swim and fish in the adjacent Saguaro Lake. There are also mountain biking opportunities in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park.

Finally, if you love golf, you’re in luck. Eagle View offers discounted access to WeKoPa Golf Club and the adjoining casino. Do the full 18 holes and then enjoy blackjack, poker, bingo, and Keno while eating at one of the many restaurants at the location.

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess

Fairmont Scottsdale Princess is where you go to “drift away in desert luxury.” The owners give guests a private sanctuary to retreat between stints at the auction house. Rooms come with stunning views of the Arizona landscape and sun-lit skies, with décor reflecting the spirit of the Sonoran Desert.

As you might expect from a premium destination, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess employs a no-expenses-spared policy. Rooms offer a combination of classic comfort intermixed with touches of modernity to complete the luxury experience. All guest rooms are recently renovated and provide access to the swimming pool, golf course, and local gardens. The resort includes unlimited local, domestic, and long-distance calls in the room price, and dogs are welcoming (and even considered “honored guests!”)

Lastly, Fairmont Scottsdale Princess believes everyone can play a role in sustainability. As such, the resort implements various eco-friendly features to reduce its environmental impacts, such as conserving gas, electricity, and water.

Four Seasons Scottsdale

If you’re looking for somewhere that will also cater to your sense of outdoor adventure, you might consider the Four Seasons Resort in Scottsdale at Troon North. With dramatic views and spectacular cacti, this unique venue displays the Arizona landscape in all its glory while incorporating elements of the Old West and Native American lore.

As with Fairmont Scottsdale Princess, you have immediate access to the Sonoran Desert. Tours of the local area are available, or you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon and enjoy a Champagne breakfast while looking down at the landscape below in the cool morning air.

ATV, Jeep, and Hummer rides also venture onward from the resort, allowing you to indulge your love of four-wheel vehicles, even outside the auction. Drive yourself or hire a professional off-roader to take you down the most exciting tracks and view the scenery.

Four Seasons Scottsdale offers a selection of rooms that meet the needs of even the most discerning guests. For instance, the Deluxe Casita Room lets you enjoy Scottsdale’s more than 330 days of sunshine annually with views of the desert, a large flat-screen TV, and a gas-burning fireplace. Upgrading to the Pinnacle Three-Bedroom Suite gives you all this plus spacious patios, al fresco living options, a full-service kitchen, and a dining table for celebratory meals (perhaps if you decide to get that classic car you’ve always wanted!)

The Boulders Resort

Another option for anyone in the area for the car auction is the Boulders Resort and Spa, famous for being one of the best golf resorts in the Southwest. The destination’s course recently underwent a four-million-dollar upgrade and now offers more challenging terrain and bunkers. Residents can also enjoy instruction from PGA instructors, including Donald Crawley, ranked by Golf Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America.

Of course, the Boulders Resort is about more than golf. It also offers one of the most impressive spa facilities in the region, offering over 33,000 square feet of desert oasis to reinvigorate the body. There’s also access to nearby recreational activities, including climbing and an air tour of the Grand Canyon.

A beautiful golf course in the desert of Arizona.

Arizona Biltmore

Those looking for something more traditional should check out the Arizona Biltmore. The resort offers various accommodation options to cater to individual tastes and groups of guests, including alluring villas and spacious suites. It is also home to the Tierra Luna Spa, an award-winning destination for anyone wanting to revitalize and refresh.

The Biltmore is nearly 100 years old, having opened in 1929. During the intervening period, owners continually reinvented the resort. The early years saw it as a stop-off for travelers going to California. However, it recently underwent a $100 million reinvention, dramatically improving the décor and level of service available to guests. Now it ranks with the best hotels and resorts in the area, providing a premium service for anyone lucky enough to stay there.

While there are plenty of five-star resorts in the vicinity of Scottsdale, nothing compares to traveling in your personal motorcoach. When you have an RV, your luxury accommodation travels with you.

Whether you are a car collector or you just appreciate the beauty of vintage and classic cars, consider traveling to the Barret-Jackson auction in a motorhome rental. Our LiTRV team is ready to help you plan your vacation.

From the Open Road to Beneath the Surface – Visit Magical Caves in a Luxury Motorcoach

From the Open Road to Beneath the Surface – Visit Magical Caves in a Luxury Motorcoach

There’s something exciting about descending into a cave. For many people, it’s like entering an alien ecosystem…a true world of wonder with dark, narrow tunnel-like passages that often open to large chambers filled with icicle-shaped stalagmites, stalactites, rugged columns, and other mineral deposits. Depending on the cave you choose to explore, you may discover pools of standing water, waterfalls and water dripping on the cave walls.

There are an estimated 45,000 caves within the contiguous United States, and while Missouri is known as the “Cave State” with 7,300 caves, Tennessee holds the record for having the most caves with 10,000 known caves.

Whether you and your family are seeking a guided cave tour or you’re planning a spelunking adventure with some friends, consider traveling to your destination in a luxury motorcoach.


Luxury Comfort Throughout Your Trip

When you travel in a luxury motorcoach, you have all the amenities that are found in a hotel, including queen-size and bunk beds, full bathrooms with showers, a large refrigerator, kitchen sink, oven, dishwasher, large screen television with WiFi, and plenty of storage space for your luggage and caving gear.

LiTRV can help you assess what type of motorcoach would be the best fit for you and your family or friends and arrange for a professional driver, should you choose not to drive. We can also research nearby luxury RV resorts and provide other concierge services, such making tour reservations in advance at large, popular caverns that limit entrance to protect their cave system.

Whether you want to plan a cave-themed vacation or you only have time for a day trip on the way to your travel destination, you’ll experience plenty of comfort traveling in a luxury motorcoach. Here are a few caves to consider visiting:


Ruby Falls, Tennessee

One of Tennessee’s greatest natural wonders, Ruby Falls boasts the tallest underground cave waterfall open to the public in the United States. This breathtaking limestone cave is in the heart of Lookout Mountain, less than 5 miles from downtown Chattanooga. Leo Lambert discovered the cave in 1928 and named the waterfall after his wife, Ruby. Today, visitors can descend 260 feet by glass-front elevator to see ancient cave formations along the cavern trail to the thundering waterfall. Ruby Falls also features fast-paced, guided cave walks and specialty tours at a relaxed pace for a smaller number of participants. Be sure to leave time to take in the sweeping views of the Tennessee Valley and Tennessee River from historic Lookout Mountain Tower, Blue Heron Overlook, and the Ruby Falls Village Plaza. And if you’re looking for more adventure, leave time to visit High Point ZIP Adventure at Ruby Falls, featuring zip lines and a climbing tower surrounded by spectacular vistas. Planning, though, will be important because RV parking space is limited. Important to note: Ruby Falls is not wheelchair accessible, and pets are not allowed.

Ruby Falls – Illuminated View

Wind Cave, South Dakota

Wind Cave is the seventh largest cave system in the world and the third longest cave in the United States. Located near Hot Springs, South Dakota, this breathtaking cave is part of Wind Cave National Park, which was established in 1903 by President Theodore Roosevelt. Boasting 33,847 acres, Wind Cave National Park houses a complex cave system that dates back millions of years, as well as a rich Native American history and abundant wildlife. Wind Cave is also home to approximately 95% of the world’s discovered boxwork formations. Boxwork is made of calcite, which has formed in thin blades, creating a box-like or honeycomb pattern. The surrounding bedrock and limestone slowly eroded away, revealing these veins of calcite. Visitors to Wind Cave have a variety of tour options, ranging from easy to strenuous. When you emerge from the cave, be sure to spend time above ground marveling at the bison, elk and other wildlife that roam the rolling prairie grasslands and forested hillsides.

Limited areas of Wind Cave are accessible to wheelchairs and those with limited mobility. These half-hour tours serve as an introduction to the cave and boxwork. The tour includes riding the elevator into and out of the cave, and the elevator building is located about 200 yards south of the visitor center.


Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico

The “Wow” factor of Carlsbad Caverns is off the charts. Located in the Chihuahuan Desert some 20 miles outside of the city of Carlsbad, this extraordinary natural wonder features more than 119 limestone caves which were once part of an underwater reef in an inland sea some 250 to 280 million years ago. The Big Room is the largest cave chamber in North America by volume. At approximately 4,000 feet long, 625 feet wide and 255 feet high at its tallest point, this massive chamber could fit more than six American football fields inside of it.

The Natural Entrance Trail is a steep, paved 1 ¼ mile descent, equivalent to about 79 stories, from outside to the Big Room. For those with mobility issues, the park offers elevator service into and out of the cavern, where you can access the Big Room Trail, which is the only wheelchair accessible route in the cavern. However, it’s important to note that the trail is wet from dripping water and can be slippery, bumpy, uneven, and difficult to navigate. It is not Americans with Disabilities Act approved and should only be attempted with assistance.

For a special treat, stay through the evening to experience Brazilian free-tailed bats emerging from the cave. The park’s rangers conduct an educational program each evening from late May through October.

Because many caves require reservations and limit the number of visitors through timed entry, we recommend planning your trip 3 to 6 months in advance. Let our LiTRV team help you plan a memorable vacation in a luxury motorcoach. Give us a call at 1-800-369-8153 or fill out the form on our home page for a quote.