As successful entrepreneurs, Shiloh and Kheila J. are used to problem-solving. As the owners of multiple companies with more than 200 employees, they are passionate about the work they do in the human services industry, and their days, evenings, and weekends are often full of work-related challenges that require immediate attention.

But when it came to solving the problem of taking a much-needed vacation with their two French Bulldogs, they were not sure what to do.

They knew what they didn’t want – taking their dogs on an airplane was out of the question.

They knew they needed strong internet service because they couldn’t completely unplug from work and Shiloh also wanted it for his gaming. After nearly two years without a vacation, they desperately needed some time for themselves, but they didn’t know where to start.

Customizing a Vacation to Fit Their Needs

Shiloh started researching options and found LiTRV through a Google search. He connected with LiTRV co-owner Jim Colletti, who helped the couple research options for the customized vacation they desired.

“Neither of us had ever set foot in an RV before, let alone a luxury motorcoach, and Jim completely guided us through the planning process,” Shiloh said. “He helped us dissect our options to create the best RV experience that fit our needs. We didn’t want to spend more than a day traveling to our destination and the luxury accommodations were important to us. Ultimately, we wanted to have the ability to tune out from the world and enjoy our time together.”

Jim recommended a trip from their home in Virginia to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The beautiful luxury RV resort is set on 50 acres of fully landscaped property, about a mile from the beach, with biking paths, pickleball courts, tennis courts, shuffleboard courts, a resort pool, fully equipped gym, large clubhouse, laundry facilities and most importantly, for Shiloh and Kheila, a large dog park.

LiTRV arranged for a professional driver to pick them up at their home, with their two Frenchies, and take them to the luxury RV resort in a Travel Supreme 45’ luxury Class A motorcoach. The beautiful motorcoach has four slides creating a very open floor plan with a king bedroom with walk-in closet and a single bath with double sinks. The main cabin includes a large seating area, dinette, a queen pull-out sofa and expansive kitchen with microwave, cooktop, residential refrigerator, and dishwasher. The motorcoach also has a stackable washer and dryer, plenty of closet space and a lot of under coach storage.

Relaxing at a Luxury RV Resort

When they arrived at the resort, their LiTRV driver set them up at a premium lakefront lot and made sure they had everything they needed before leaving them to enjoy their time together. He also checked to confirm that there were three ways of connecting to the internet. LiTRV provided a Wi-Fi hotspot on the motorcoach and went a step further to set up a Starlink satellite system. In addition, the resort also provided internet access for guests.

“It was really enjoyable,” Kheila said. “We had the best of both worlds – the people at the resort were amazing, as were the resort amenities. We were able to get some good walks in, take the dogs to the dog park, and relax while still having the ability to stay connected to work.”

The couple ordered from Uber Eats but also made use of their own kitchen on the motorcoach.

“Our dogs are on a strict diet, and we needed the ability to cook them chicken, sweet potatoes and rice,” Kheila said.

Kheila is the Executive Director of the couple’s nonprofit, Atlantic Outreach Group, which strives to empower vulnerable communities by connecting them to resources necessary for their success. She is also a talented abstract painter, (, and the vacation gave her a chance to recharge her creative energy.

“I aim to create expressions of emotion through various mediums, mainly acrylics,” she said. “I love using textured bright and bold colors as a way of connecting with people.”

Passionate about giving back to the community, Kheila donates the proceeds from every painting to various nonprofit programs in the area.

Overall, Shiloh and Kheila had a positive experience during their first time vacationing in a luxury RV…so much so, they will consider doing it again.

“We came home relaxed and recharged,” Shiloh said, adding that it made a difference to have LiTRV’s customized support. “We didn’t know anything about luxury RV resorts or traveling in a luxury motorcoach, and it really made a difference to have an experienced person guide us,” he said.

Whether you’re new to traveling in a luxury motorcoach, you’re seeking an alternative to air travel, or you are familiar with the many benefits of luxury RV travel and you’re ready for your next travel adventure, our LiTRV team is ready to help you explore your travel options.