LiTRV is a luxury motorcoach rental company that offers personalized and customized vacation experiences. They provide not only the motorcoach but also a driver and on-site support to handle logistics, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable trip for their clients. Whether you’re interested in exploring national parks, playing golf with friends, or spending time at a luxury RV resort by the beach, LiTRV can help plan and execute your vacation.

Heather N. and her girlfriends had a memorable experience with LiTRV during their summer retreat in northern Idaho. They met in Coeur d’Alene and boarded a spacious 45′ luxury motorcoach with a private driver. The motorcoach had ample room for the group to relax and enjoy the ride to their lodge on Priest Lake.

The friends found the motorcoach ride to be comfortable and convenient. They could nap while traveling and appreciated the smooth journey on both small country roads and highways. Although they didn’t sleep in the motorcoach, having it nearby at the lodge provided additional convenience.

During their stay at Priest Lake, the group enjoyed various activities such as fishing, hiking, swimming, and gathering around the bonfire in the evenings. Heather described the experience as precious time spent together, creating lasting memories. The presence of the luxury motorcoach and the attentive services provided by the LiTRV driver enhanced their overall vacation experience.

Heather and her friends were particularly impressed with the unique nature of traveling in a luxury motorcoach. They felt like rock stars and appreciated the driver not only for safely transporting them but also for acting as a bodyguard and tour guide. The driver went above and beyond by assisting with luggage and providing exceptional service throughout the trip.

If you’re considering a vacation, LiTRV offers a distinctive way to travel and explore various destinations. They can customize your trip based on your preferences and handle all the logistical aspects. Whether you’re interested in visiting national parks, planning a golf getaway, or enjoying a luxurious RV resort by the beach, LiTRV can assist you every step of the way.