Leisurely traveling abroad has always been a way to create unique memories or to expand our minds to a different way of life. People travel for a variety of reasons but almost all of them seek one thing, the experience.

Luxury motorcoach travel within the U.S. has come to replace our backpacking trips to Europe, Mediterranean cruises with the family, or the overseas golf outings. It is a new landscape that allows us the ability to take our family and enjoy a world we didn’t know existed all around us. In addition travel planners, like those at LiTRV, have valuable insight into niche’ experiences or unimaginable adventures worth being excited over!

Affluent travelers are finding new and creative ways to experience the luxury of the road. The journey, adventure, convenience, and most of all the memories. Traveling in a motorcoach can take you on an adventure as majestic as International travel with the added convenience of staying in a luxury home familiar to you wherever you go.

Imagine sitting on a private patio entranced by the serene reflection of Table Rock Lake at Ozarks Luxury Motorcoach Resort. Or savoring the warmth of the campfire on a brisk night while listening to the blissful sound of the San Juan River then cozying up in a king-sized bed at Wolf Creek Run RV Resort. We are not talking about camping in the elements, we are talking about relishing in your desires while staying in a mobile luxury hotel room with the finest amenities. Your experiences are not limited by one destination but open to satisfying a variety of travel desires.

These memorable experiences can be curated to safely navigate away from crowded hotels, tourism shuttles, airports, and other high exposure situations amidst a pandemic. It’s a treasured gift in a time of despair for the affluent traveler to have the ability of traveling freely and joyfully with a greater peace of mind.

Countless movies and songs are made about the nostalgia of road trips so let’s see where the road will take us!