There’s quite a difference between driving a car long distance and driving a Class A luxury motorcoach that is more than 40 feet long. It’s a key reason why LiTRV provides our clients with the option of luxury RV rental with driver.


LiTRV is best known for curating memorable vacations in a luxury RV, but many people also see the benefits of traveling in these “hotel suites on wheels” for long-distance, one-way trips, round-trip medical procedures, and other reasons. Unlike standard RVs, a luxury motorcoach features all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds, multiple bathrooms, washer and dryer and even a dishwasher.


LiTRV’s professional drivers are committed to our clients’ safety, comfort and convenience. They have decades of experience driving RVs and other large vehicles throughout the country. They are used to driving long hours, navigating twists and turns on mountain roads, and adjusting to diverse weather conditions.


Most importantly, LiTRV professional drivers are familiar with the mechanics of the luxury RV they are driving. Whether the Wi-Fi stops working, the bathroom light goes out, or the motorcoach gets a flat tire along the way, LiTRV drivers have the knowledge and training to make repairs or find help nearby.


Most of our clients choose to add a professional driver, and we often hear glowing remarks about our drivers after their trip. A few examples include:


Trip for Hand Surgery in Another State


A couple contacted LiTRV to rent a luxury motorcoach for a trip from California to the Pacific Northwest. “Katie” needed hand surgery, but they wanted to enjoy their trip and bring their dog with them. LiTRV’s driver, Cory, went above and beyond to make them comfortable during their trip. Here is an excerpt from an email we received:


We had a wonderful adventure in the Pacific Northwest. Our time with Cory was wonderful…he was professional, friendly, thoughtful, generous of spirit, and a joy to be around. He made the whole trip so enjoyable. Our dog has been very sad without him…she would wait near the driver’s seat every morning until he arrived. On the day of Katie’s surgery, he hung out with her in the motorcoach so I could go to the post-op space and sit with Katie. 


We can’t say it enough…Cory is a gem and you’re both lucky to have him. His knowledge about the ins and outs of this type of travel is evident and he patiently answered all our questions about how the motorcoach worked, what this button or that button did, and he was an incredibly safe driver. His communication with us was daily…even on days he wasn’t driving us. 


First-Time Vacation Using Luxury RV Rental with Driver

Luxury RV rental with driver greeting guest


After nearly two years without time off, entrepreneurs Shiloh and Kheila J. wanted to plan a vacation with their two French Bulldogs, but they also needed access to internet service because they couldn’t completely unplug from work. They connected with LiTRV co-owner Jim Colletti, who helped them research options for the customized vacation they desired.


Jim recommended a trip from their home to Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. He also arranged for a professional driver to pick them up at their home, with their two dogs. When they arrived at the resort, our driver set them up at a premium lakefront lot and made sure they had everything they needed before leaving them to enjoy their time together. He also checked to confirm that there were three ways of connecting to the internet. LiTRV provided a Wi-Fi hotspot on the motorcoach and went a step further to set up a Starlink satellite system. In addition, the resort also provided internet access for guests.  


Overall, Shiloh and Kheila had a positive experience during their first experience vacationing in a luxury RV…so much so, they will consider doing it again.


“We came home relaxed and recharged,” Shiloh said, adding that it made a difference to have LiTRV’s customized support. “We didn’t know anything about luxury RV resorts or traveling in a luxury motorcoach, and it really made a difference to have an experienced person guide us,” he said. 


Moving a Family and Pets to Another State


Over the years, LiTRV has helped many families and individuals move to another state for various reasons, ranging from employment to family affairs. In these scenarios, LiTRV can transport family members, pets, and there’s plenty of room for luggage and other small items. In addition, LiTRV can transport cars and motorcycles on a trailer hooked up to the motorcoach. 


Recently, our LiTRV team moved a family with young children and cats from Kentucky to Florida, along with their luxury SUV. Our professional driver showed up at their home on time, but their movers were several hours late. Once they finally got on the road, LiTRV co-owner Michael Bloomquist, who resides in Florida, drove five hours to open up their home for them, turned on the electricity and then he ordered pizza so they could have dinner when they finally arrived at their new home. 


These are just some examples of how LiTRV and our professional drivers go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to our clients. Many of our clients prefer anonymity, so you won’t see a lot of online reviews, but it’s rewarding when they share their positive experiences with us via email or in our conversations after their trip. 


Whether you are planning a vacation or interested in traveling one way in a luxury motorcoach, give us a call at 1-800-369-8153, email us or click on the “Get a Quote” button at the bottom of our home page.