Plenty of long-distance medical transport firms are available, but hardly any focus on luxury. Patients must put up with cramped spaces, ugly conditions, and annoying machines whirring and beeping in the background.

At LiTRV, we believe we can provide our clients with a superior experience. Instead of focusing on lowering costs, we wondered whether we could make long-distance ambulatory medical transport just as comfortable as conventional luxury motorcoach travel.

Ambulatory Long Distance Medical Transport Services from LiTRV

Medical professionals divide patients into two main categories: ambulatory and non-ambulatory.

Non-ambulatory patients are unable to leave medical care unassisted under emergency conditions. They do not have the mental or physical capacity to get up, walk around, or discharge themselves.

Ambulatory patients, on the other hand, are people with the cognitive and physical competence to move around without the assistance of other people or mechanical aids. They still have independence, even if they require medical care at times.

At LiTRV, we offer ambulatory long-distance transport only. Our luxury motorcoach rental services are for people who can take care of themselves mentally and physically without the need for wheelchairs, stretches, or medical staff.

Other companies provide non-ambulatory services for patients but, at LiTRV, we believe in luxury and comfort for long rides. Hence, our goal is to make the road travel experience as enjoyable and relaxing as possible.


The Benefits of Long-Distance Medical Transport on a Luxury Coach

The benefits of long-distance medical transport on a luxurious motorcoach are considerable, including but not limited to:

Increased Comfort

When you have a medical condition that requires attention, comfort is a priority. You need a supportive environment that improves how you feel.

Unfortunately, most medical transport companies don’t focus on this. Their goal is to keep costs as low as possible to reduce insurance fees.

At LiTRV, our approach is different. Our luxury motorcoaches provide you with all the comforts and conveniences of being at home. Rather than being strapped to a gurney that’s locked to the floor, you’re free to move around, sit in comfortable seating, or lie in a soft, cozy bed. It’s totally up to you.

Furthermore, you get access to all the comforts of a luxury motorcoach. Get chef-prepared meals, visit the bathroom whenever you like, and, most importantly, enjoy enough space for the family to travel with you. Most long-distance medical providers require next-of-kin to travel separately.

Here are some other comfort-related benefits of traveling by luxury motorcoach:

  • Read books and magazines, or watch TV at your leisure during your trip
  • Use the bathroom or shower whenever you like. Scrub up, brush your teeth, and feel fresh for your medical visit
  • Listen to your choice of music
  • Bring as many snacks as you want
  • Benefit from excellent climate control, including air conditioning and underfloor heating
  • Use residential-style appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, coffee machines, and ice makers.
  • Enjoy real granite and tile finishes
  • Benefit from comfortable suspension to prevent any rattling or heavy bumps inside the cabin

Regular Stops

Regular medical transport services have schedules they need to keep. Their goal is to transport you from your pickup location to your target destination as quickly as they can so they can use their vehicle for the next customer.

But with a luxury motorcoach from LiTRV, you can avoid this style of service. Rather than processing you as quickly as possible, our luxury motorcoaches give you the time and space you need to make your medical transport journey more pleasant. There’s no rush to get to the destination (unless that’s what you want). Instead, you can stop off in rest areas, explore beautiful sites en route, or simply take a break from traveling at your leisure. It’s entirely up to you.

Stopping and taking a break is good for people with medical conditions. Being able to get up and move about helps you to feel more comfortable. And it gives you a chance to enjoy the day, instead of constantly being in a hurry. Feeling comfortable and relaxed helps you to be more present, regardless of your medical issue.

Enhanced Security

Regardless of how you travel, security should be a priority. Your personal safety is paramount, particularly when you have a medical condition that makes you vulnerable.

Unfortunately, standard medical transport services rarely focus on your personal security. They provide plenty of medical care but keeping you safe is often a secondary concern.

In contrast, state-of-the-art luxury motorcoaches provide a wholly different experience. Camera monitoring systems continually scan the perimeter and alert you if someone comes near. And high-quality locks on all the doors and alarm systems prevent intruders from getting in.

Experienced, Professional Chauffeur

When you’re unwell, you want drivers who will chauffeur you to your destination smoothly and considerately. You don’t want to be bumped around or experience high g-forces when going around bends.

With conventional medical transport services, the luxury of the experience isn’t usually a consideration. Drivers are simply focusing on getting you to your destination as quickly as they can. As such, it’s not uncommon to experience stomach-churning corners and bumps en route.

At LiTRV, we do things differently. We provide experienced drivers with all our luxury motorcoach rentals who understand the needs of clients who may have medical conditions. They drive carefully and with empathy so you can reach your destination feeling even better than when you set off.

Wrapping Up

Standard long-distance medical transport services are functional. They get the job done. But they don’t offer patients much luxury, if any. Instead, they see their role as keeping costs low. As such, your comfort and enjoyment will likely suffer.

Luxury RV rentals, on the other hand, improve the experience dramatically. Once you add some comfort to the journey, the whole experience transforms. It doesn’t feel like a medical transport experience at all. You’re not just going to the hospital: you’re living life as fully as you can. Motorcoaches from LiTRV let you feel as if you are still at home and in beautiful surroundings.