The open road is the best way to experience the peaks and troughs of the USA. And what better way to do it than in luxury? If you are planning a family road trip or you are looking to get away from life for a while, there is nothing quite like getting into a luxury motorcoach, and experiencing a road trip the way it was meant to be! Here, at LiTRV, we help everyone from all walks of life plan their ideal road trip. Our luxury RV rentals are custom built to give you a taste of the high life. But if you’re all packed up and don’t know where to go, you need to experience the sights, sounds, and smells in luxurious style and comfort. From the deserts of the Wild West to the Californian coast, and the beautiful colors of red and gold provided by the Appalachian Mountains, here are some of our road trip fruits that may tickle your fancy.

From the Windy City to the Deep South: Chicago to New Orleans

This is the heart of America, going from top to bottom, taking in a root that will give you a taste of all things music throughout the six states. Starting in Chicago, you go via Lincoln’s birthplace in St Louis where you can honor the early 19th-century exploration of Lewis and Clark and the expansion of America from the middle to the west. Heading further down, you go to the undisputed home of rock and roll, blues and jazz; Memphis, Tennessee. Here you can take in the distinctly southern charm and, of course, the musical Mecca that is Elvis’s Graceland Mansion. When you venture further South, you can smell the southern flavor via Natchez on the banks of the Mississippi River, and on the last 3-hour stretch, you can sense the anticipation as you head to New Orleans. New Orleans is a place for those that like their food and their jazz in strong flavors. New Orleans is a party town, and what better way to get there than in a luxury motorcoach!

Taking the Overseas Highway: Miami to Key West

If you are looking for the ultimate summer road trip, the taste of the Florida Keys is the best way to do it! Crossing 42 bridges from Miami to Key West, you get to experience the most stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean wherever you turn your head. This is an ideal option for families looking to experience Florida in all of its glory while not venturing on a long-haul road trip. This drive is appealing to anyone who wants to experience a sense of adventure. If you are looking to explore the Florida Keys, it is a great drive whatever the time of year. But luckily, with a LiTRV private driver, you have the opportunity to lay back, and experience the route from Miami to Key West via Key Largo, Islamorada, and Duck Key. When you finally settle in picturesque Key West, you are ready to settle down with a cocktail and a dip in the ocean. A spectacular drive made even more spectacular by the fact that you don’t need to worry about focusing on the road!

From San Fran to Salt Lake: the 4-State Hop!

Starting from San Francisco, the most laid-back city in California, you have the ideal opportunity to experience sunshine with luscious backdrops. If San Francisco is the hippest place in the world, the charm of the heartland of America will keep you enthralled for miles to come. Venturing out of the city, go towards Lake Tahoe where you get to witness the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Nevada mountains and enjoy the alpine views with a fishing expedition or two. Travel via Yosemite National Park where you can marvel at the sequoia trees and luxurious flowing waterfalls before you venture into Death Valley where you will have the AC on full blast. A dream for photographers, you will be able to see meadows of flowers and rocky scenery for miles from the comfort of your coach. And as soon as you venture into Las Vegas, if you aren’t lured in by the lights and grandeur, you can venture to the open spaces of Utah, such as the Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, and Bryce Canyon National Park, before finishing up in Salt Lake City where you can get your fill of cultural attractions, historical tours, and hiking trails. But no doubt, you have seen everything you need throughout these four states! A wonderful way to experience the blistering sunshine from the comfort of the most luxurious motorcoach experience.

From New York to New England: an American Adventure Like No Other!

If you are looking for an American Adventure, you’ve got to start by exploring the Big Apple. Luckily you won’t be driving yourself, so you can experience the sights and sounds of Central Park, Times Square, and of course the Empire State Building while taking in the smells of a classic diner breakfast or a street food hot dog. Authentic New York to the very last! Taking in the sites of the Atlantic Ocean via Cape Cod, and with so many pristine beaches and fishing villages, you won’t mind moving at a slower pace, when you finally wind your way up to the east coast and experience the history and sheer grandeur of Boston. Take the opportunity to hit the Freedom Trail and soak up the sights before indulging in the local favorite: clam chowder. An ideal sight during the fall months, with those beautiful crisp red leaves and wistful winding roads.

The ultimate American road trip is the one you create yourself. With any luxury adventure, you need to know that you are in safe hands. Every LiTRV luxury motorcoach provides the best comfort and safety features, and with you choosing every stop, you are in the driver’s seat, but without any of the trappings of being in charge of a coach full of people! For a luxury motorcoach vacation, it is safe to say you are going to ride in style to any destination.