LiTRV (Luxury in Travel) co-owner Jim Colletti often likes to say that LiTRV provides a custom luxury travel experience that is hard to find anywhere else. Whether you are renting a luxury motorcoach through LiTRV or you retain LiTRV for owner services, there’s a good chance you will experience Jim’s detail-oriented, attentive customer service. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Jim manages LiTRV’s operations and concierge services, and he often travels to be on-site with clients if the LiTRV team needs additional support.

We recently sat down with him for a Q&A:

How and when did you become interested in working with luxury motorcoaches?

Jim:  Throughout my childhood, my family traveled the country for yearly vacations pulling a travel trailer. I didn’t really learn about luxury motorcoach travel until I was introduced to LiTRV in 2021 when contracted to assist them with marketing. Having a great deal of experience in the auto industry and having worked with many luxury brands, I became fascinated with the luxury motorcoach industry and became more involved.

What is the biggest misconception people have about renting a luxury motorcoach?

Jim:  Cost. Because this travel option is so different from anything else, it is hard for those becoming familiar with it to understand the costs. Rental of a luxury motorcoach for a weekend or week could cost between $10,000 and $20,000.


What is something that surprised you about luxury motorcoaches and/or the luxury travel industry?

Jim:  I wasn’t necessarily surprised, but it was interesting to learn that luxury motorcoach travel offers great diversity and freedom to travelers, still allowing them to have a luxury experience. For example, we have assisted clients with mobility and other health issues who can no longer fly to their destinations. In addition, we do a lot of work with IMSA racing teams who rent luxury coaches for the duration of their race. There are so many different uses for luxury motorcoaches, and I think people are also surprised to learn that we can arrange for a professional driver.


If a friend or family member was thinking of purchasing a luxury motorcoach, what would you advise them?

Jim:  I would suggest that they rent first, offering them some hands-on opportunities to help influence their decision. There’s something to be said about living in an RV for a week or more…you have the chance to drive it on local streets and freeways, set it up at a campsite, and really determine if it’s something you’d like to invest in. It’s the ultimate test drive.

How would you describe your leadership style?

Jim:  I take the collaborative and inclusive road when managing. Those around me typically are more knowledgeable than me, and I know to leverage their knowledge for progress.

You have a great team assembled, including private drivers, maintenance crew, and other motorcoach specialists. What traits do you look for when bringing someone on to the LiTRV team?

Jim:  Proactiveness, knowledge and confidence.

Do you take time off to travel yourself, and if so, where do you like to go?

Jim:  I typically travel only for business but always look to find something fun to do while on the road – great restaurants, museums and activities.

You’re often working against the clock to book reservations and take care of other logistics. How early do you start your day and what type of breakfast do you have to get your day started?

Jim:  I start my day between 5:30 and 6 a.m. I love the mornings and always feel better when I can get my arms around the day early. Coffee is my morning meal!

Where do you see LiTRV in 5 years? And/or are there any exciting plans on the horizon?

Jim:  I envision LiTRV growing in all aspects of the luxury motorcoach industry – rentals, owner services, storage, and consignment support.

Whether you’re seeking to rent a luxury motorcoach for a memorable vacation or you’re an owner who needs help with maintenance, storage and other owner services, Jim and the LiTRV team would welcome the chance to connect with you. Feel free to contact them at or call them at 1-800-369-8153.