Chances are that if you have rented a luxury motorcoach through LiTRV (Luxury in Travel) or if you retain LiTRV for owner services, you’ve met or talked with LiTRV Founder and Co-owner, Mike Bloomquist. We recently sat down with him for a Q&A:


How and when did you become interested in working with luxury motorcoaches?


Mike: In 2010, I acquired a 40’ luxury RV after an in-law became ill and could no longer afford to own the “coach.”  The plan was to buy it, use it for a year, then sell it for the same price since I got it at wholesale value. I was approached to “rent” my RV for Super Bowl XLVI at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. I hosted a full tailgate hospitality for 15 people using the RV as base camp for my clients.  It was an amazing experience for both me and the clients.  I was all-in.


What is the biggest misconception people have about renting a luxury motorcoach?


Mike: There’s a need to better educate the public about their travel options. Many people don’t realize they can rent a luxury motorcoach, so actually there are not a lot of misconceptions, but rather appreciation that we are here to assist.

What is something that surprised you about luxury motorcoaches and/or the luxury travel industry?


Mike: Luxury motorcoaches are very different from standard RVs. There are many more amenities, and at first, there was a bit of a learning curve regarding all the bells and whistles. As for our clients, I think people are often pleasantly surprised at how comfortable road travel is, and they are often excited to learn that they can bring their pets.


If a friend or family member was thinking of purchasing a luxury motorcoach, what would you advise them?


Mike:  First, don’t rush to make a purchasing decision. Set a budget and shop around. And call LiTRV – we have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you assess your options and avoid any common mistakes.


How would you describe your leadership style?


Mike: We are a small company, and for the most part I was a sole-proprietor since starting this business. So my company leadership has been focused on surrounding myself with trustworthy, passionate, and qualified people to build a sustainable network and build a successful business. I’m a passive leader with my parters, our contractors, and service providers so I can understand others’ perspectives and make informed decisions. This also helps me build deep meaningful relationships which is the cornerstone for business longevity.


You have a great team assembled, including private drivers, maintenance crew, and other motorcoach specialists. What traits do you look for when bringing someone on to the LiTRV team?


Mike:  Honesty, good communication, the ability to provide constructive feedback and show up every day.


Do you take time off to travel yourself, and if so, where do you like to go?


Mike: Yes, I try to take 7-10 days away from direct contact with work and spend time with my wife, son, daughter, and our dog, Wrigley. Our favorite destinations include Hawaii, exploring West of the Mississippi, family reunions in the Midwest, and road trips in a LiTRV motorcoach.


You’re often working against the clock to book reservations and take care of other logistics. How early do you start your day and what type of breakfast do you have to get your day started?


Mike: We work with the clock, never against it!  Time is extremely precious and valuable so we actively plan and take into account obstacles that could slow the process.  As for breakfast…small coffee, then some fruit and/or a protein bar.


If you could plan a trip on a luxury motorcoach with a famous person (dead or alive), who would it be and why?  


Mike: You can really get to know someone on a luxury RV road trip, and I’m fascinated with global environmental issues, so to plan a trip with Boyan Slat from The Ocean Cleanup or the late Jacque Cousteau would be amazing.


Where do you see LiTRV in 5 years? And/or are there any exciting plans on the horizon?


Mike: In 5 years, LiTRV will have evolved to become a more dynamic company providing new services for RV owners, buyers, sellers, and renters. The unique coach experiences will become more sophisticated and a younger audience will find new ways to incorporate luxury motorcoaches into their lives for both personal travel and event needs.


Whether you’re seeking to rent a luxury motorcoach for a fun vacation or you’re an owner who needs help with maintenance, storage and other owner services, Mike and the LiTRV team would welcome the chance to connect with you. Feel free to contact them at or call them at 1-800-369-8153.