Love is in the air, and according to Brides, marriage proposals are expected to boom this year. There was a lull in 2020 and 2021 during the pandemic, and now that the world has opened up again, romance is blossoming for diverse couples of all ages and many are considering wedding luxury RV travel. 


But according to Vogue, as many couples get engaged, they are planning non-traditional weddings. In fact, as the article states, “a Pinterest report published in May 2023 revealed that searches for “nontraditional wedding dresses” on the platform have spiked 110%, whereas “nontraditional wedding vows” went up 205%. The phrase “anti-bride,” meanwhile, increased by 480%.”


Whether you are planning a large, traditional wedding or a small, intimate, non-traditional wedding, renting a luxury motorcoach can enhance your wedding experience leading up to, during, and after your special day.


LiTRV is best known for curating memorable vacations in a luxury RV, but more people are seeing the benefits of traveling in or staying in these “hotel suites on wheels” for all types of weddings. Unlike standard RVs, a luxury motorcoach features all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds, multiple bathrooms, washer and dryer and even a dishwasher.


Consider these 5 ways that renting a luxury motorcoach can contribute to a memorable wedding:


Plan a Unique, Luxury Bachelor or Bachelorette Party


LiTRV can work directly with you or your Maid of Honor or Best Man to plan a unique, fun Bachelor or Bachelorette Party. We’ll help you assess which luxury RV best fits your needs for your special celebratory event. Plan a long weekend to a beach or lake destination, take a tour of bourbon distilleries, or host a catered party or poker game inside the motorcoach – there are so many options to make it a memorable, upscale experience. And, with our professional driver at the wheel, no one in your party will need to be the “designated driver.”


Get Married in Nature in a Remote Location Using Wedding Luxury RV Travel


More people are choosing to get married outside in a stunning, serene remote location. Whether you are planning to take your vows on a quiet beach, or you’ve found the perfect spot in a magical forest, consider renting a luxury RV from LiTRV for your special day. Our professional driver can pick you up at your home and bring you to your destination, or we can deliver one or more luxury motorcoaches to your destination, so you and your guests have a place to stay, get showered and dressed, and keep perishable food and drinks chilled in the refrigerator. You can also hook up speakers to the RV to provide music for your wedding reception.

luxury wedding RV travel in nature


Rent a Luxury RV for Elderly Grandparents or Relatives


On your special day, you should be surrounded by everyone who loves you. But sometimes it’s not easy for elderly grandparents and relatives to travel to attend your wedding. Chronic health issues or mobility challenges can deter relatives from flying or driving to your wedding destination. Consider renting a luxury motorcoach to help transport your relatives in a safe, comfortable and convenient way. Our LiTRV team often works with older clients who have health and mobility challenges. We help them review options regarding amenities and provide specific details relating to the staircase into the luxury motorcoach, the height of the bed, the height of the toilet, and we can arrange for a shower with a seat that comes down. In addition, with our LiTRV professional driver behind the wheel, you won’t have to worry about them driving a long distance or in poor weather conditions.


Bring Your Pets to a Unique Wedding Destination


You’ve found the perfect location for your wedding, but it’s far from home, and you don’t want to leave your beloved dog. All your friends and family members who would normally look after him will be coming to the wedding, and the thought of boarding him or paying a pet sitting service to watch him doesn’t sit well with you. After all, he is a big part of your family, and you’d like him to be a part of your big day. The good news is that LiTRV can help you rent a pet-friendly luxury motorcoach so you can bring your dogs – or cats – with you. There’s plenty of space inside for them to roam around, and our professional driver can make regular stops when it’s time for a quick walk and potty break.


Plan a Memorable Honeymoon


Your happy day doesn’t have to end after the guests have gone. Let us help you plan a unique, memorable honeymoon in a luxury motorcoach! Whether you want to depart that evening or you need a few days to rest before embarking on an exciting adventure, we’ll help you assess your luxury RV rental options, plan your itinerary, and arrange for a professional driver so you and your new spouse can enjoy your time together. Not sure where you want to go? We can provide plenty of ideas ranging from luxury RV resorts and renowned spas to breathtaking national parks, sparkling beaches, quaint towns and popular cities. 

luxury wedding RV travel honeymoon


Whether you’re planning a wedding or helping a friend or family member plan their wedding, our LiTRV team is here to help! Call us today at 1-800-369-8153, email us or click on the “Get a Quote” button at the bottom of our home page.