Motorcoach Country Club resort calls itself “the crown jewel of motorcoach resorts.”

Given some of the competition out there, that’s quite a claim!

In this post, we share some of the reasons why the owners are justified in saying that. As of 2021, Motorcoach Country Club was once again voted as USA Today’s number one best luxury RV resort.

Motorcoach Country Club: What Makes It So Special?

There are many places for luxury RV rentals across the country, but what makes Motorcoach Country Club such a special place to go?

There are three big reasons why guests consider it:

  1. The location
  2. The lot options
  3. The exclusivity

In terms of location, Motorcoach Country Club offers spectacular views of the surrounding Palm Springs resort area. The park, just to the east of La Quinta, is famous all over the country for its beauty and opportunities for exploring the surrounding landscape.

What’s nice about the club is that it puts power in your hands. You get to choose between different types of lots so you can set up something that’s suitable for you. Lots vary depending on the size of your vehicle and planned activities.

The site is also ultra-exclusive. It doesn’t accept motorcoaches less than 30 feet in length.

Praise for the club doesn’t end with major news outlets, such as USA Today, though. Club members love what it does too. It is “one of the most beautiful places on Earth,” according to one guest.

What You Need To Know About Motorcoach Country Club

The list of things that make this RV venue stand out is, quite frankly, ridiculous. It is to motorcoach enthusiasts what the Louvre is for artists or Aspen is for skiers.

You Can Dine In Five-Star Restaurants

Top of the Falls is Motorcoach Country Club’s five-star restaurant. Here you can dine on chef-prepared seasonal delicacies.

There’s a different theme most nights of the week. On Wednesdays, for instance, the restaurant serves prime wine and ribs, while on Saturdays, it’s steak and lobster, and on Sundays, it’s Italian.

The restaurant sits just above the main 10,000 square-foot clubhouse and, in the words of the owners, “sets Motorcoach Country Club apart from all other luxury Class A motorcoach resorts in California.” Diners congregate in a large hall with panoramic windows overlooking the surrounding scenery. Below is a plaza, tennis courts and other amenities.

There’s An SCGA Golf Course

Many motorcoach resorts tag on golf courses as an afterthought, but not Motorcoach Country Club. Its fairway was recently rated by the SCGA and offers enough challenge for the best golfers out there.

The course features more than fourteen holes and offers a total yardage of 1850 – great for RVers who love nothing more than smashing golf balls hard. PGA professional Kerry Johnston designed the course and the fare to play is included in the resort fee.

There Are More Than Two Miles Of Navigable Waterways

While some motorcoach resorts offer boating opportunities, Motorcoach Country Club is the only one to do so in the Palm Springs area. With more than two miles of navigable waterways, there is so much to explore.

In fact, it’s an integral feature of the destination. The resort operates around a hundred waterside lots with private docks for electric boats. Guests can motor up and down the nearby canals or go out onto the lake.

There are also opportunities to indulge in watersports, including paddle boarding, canoeing, and kayaking. Many people take their food and drink on the water with them and use it as an opportunity to socialize with other members.

Motorcoach Country Club has its own yacht club. This facility is for guests who don’t have a boat of their own or aren’t parked up next to the water. Slips are available for rent.

There’s Always Something Going On

The club’s resort calendar changes from year to year. But you can bet your bottom dollar, there’s something going on.

The Motorcoach Country Club tends to organize events around a month in advance, showing what’s coming up in the following weeks. Comedy shows, magician events, tournaments, and food-themed evenings are all commonplace.

You Won’t Be Short Of Things To Do

The Motorcoach Country Club sees itself as very much a self-contained community. Everything you need is either on-site or close by.

Take the club’s tennis courts for instance, located at the Tennis Garden in Indian Wells. Here, guests can take part in an active tennis program, provided by instructors on Fridays.

If tennis doesn’t appeal, guests can relax at The Plaza. This is very much the hub of the community – ideal for members who want to mingle. There are multiple seating areas, fire fits, and places to eat.

If you want to worship on Sunday, Motorcoach Country Club offers an interdenominational church called The Church of New Beginnings. Congregants should arrive at 9:30 AM for pre-service muffins and coffee.

There Are Many Wellness Programs To Enjoy

Lastly, Motorcoach Country Club offers RVers opportunities to unwind, relax and reset. Massage therapy and sports massage are both available from trained specialists. Many of the masseurs at the club have thousands of hours of experience on-site, so they must be good!

You can also take part in a variety of fitness activities to get your blood pumping. These change regularly, so you’ll need to consult the club’s calendar.

Experience Motorcoach Country Club in a Luxury Motorcoach!

There’s no doubt that Motorcoach Country Club is the place to be if you like staying in luxury motorcoach resorts. It has everything you could possibly want, including great guests.

Of course, nothing’s free. If you want to stay here, you’ll have to pay for it. But what you get in return is worth the price for those who appreciate the finer things in life. It is probably one of the most beautiful places you can visit in a  luxury RV rental.

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