Private jets are the mode of transport of choice for wealthy people. But they come at a cost – and not just a financial one. You must endure the rigmarole of airport security, put up with annoying pressure changes, and make do with a cramped cabin that gives some people claustrophobia. Plus, there is an army of Twitter trolls tracking your every move.

Fortunately, there’s a better way: traveling by motorcoach. It might not be as zippy as hopping on your Gulfstream, but it’s certainly more luxurious.

The Benefits of Luxury Motorcoach Travel

Let’s look at some of the benefits of luxury motorcoach travel compared to flying by private jet:

More Space to Move Around

Compared to a private jet, luxury motorcoaches give you more space to move around. The average Gulfstream is just 8.6 feet wide and seating occupies much of that space. On most planes, it’s difficult to stretch your legs at all. You can walk up and down the gangway bumping into your hostess on the way, but that’s about it.

On a luxury motorcoach, though, you have significantly more space. No, they’re not quite as big as subterranean basements, but there is enough space for living rooms, bathrooms, and dining areas. They’re like a home away from home.

More Comfortable for People with Air Pressure Sensitivities

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a flight; you will be in pain if you have ear sensitivity. Changes in barometric pressure cause painful pockets of air to form in the inner ear that are hard to shift, even if you consult with your doctor before your flight.

Large jetliners deal with this by adjusting cabin pressure, improving comfort for most passengers. But smaller aircraft don’t usually have such robust systems. Hence, people who have sinus problems or ear sensitivities can experience earaches, headaches, and inner ear pain.

Going through this once a year for a summer vacation is tolerable. But for those regularly using private jets, it’s not acceptable. There must be a better way to travel.

And, fortunately, there is. Luxury motorcoaches remain firmly on the ground.


Reduced Risk of Respiratory and Cardiovascular Disease

Air travel increases the risk of respiratory disease. The combination of recycled air and proximity to other travelers in airport terminals raises the likelihood of infection, while changes in air pressure can be damaging for those with chronic diseases.

Many passengers are also at risk of cardiovascular disease. Air travel dramatically increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis. The CDC says that anyone over the age of 40 or with a BMI over 30 is at high risk.

Of course, when you stay on the ground and travel via luxury motorcoach, you avoid these risks. Coaches make it far less likely that you will get an infection or experience a dangerous cardiovascular event.

Stop Whenever You Want

A Gulfstream jet can’t just pull up at a rest area for a break. It must travel directly from one airport to another.

And that’s inconvenient. You wouldn’t spend ten hours solid on the road without stopping, but when traveling by air, people consider it normal.

With a motorcoach, though, comfort break opportunities come along all the time. There are countless rest areas and roadside locations en route. You can get out, stretch your legs, and enjoy the fresh air whenever you want.

What’s more, when you travel by luxury motorcoach, you can explore places on the way to your destination. If you spot a winery, art gallery, theater, or Michelin Star restaurant you want to check out, nothing’s stopping you from doing so. Your driver simply parks the motorcoach and you go out and enjoy yourself.

In this sense, motorcoaches are more than mere methods of getting from point A to B. While aircrafts focus on getting you to your destination, traveling by motorcoach gives you an opportunity to explore and go on an adventure. You can stop off wherever you like, whenever you want. It’s total freedom.

More Room for Belongings, Pets and Family Members

Gulfstream and other private jets need to be light and nimble to get up into the air. And, unfortunately, as discussed above, that means limiting cabin space.

As such, you don’t get a lot of room to bring extra people, pets, and belongings. Often, you must be selective, which is not what you want after spending such high fees.

But with a motorcoach, you avoid all these space and weight limitations. Luxury RVs are very much like owning a house on wheels. You have room for everything you want to bring with you, including the family, dogs, golf clubs, and all your leisure equipment, without space or weight limitations. It means that when you finally arrive at your destination, you can enjoy yourself so much more.

No Turbulence

Conditions at 40,000 feet are unpredictable. Air pressure can change rapidly, and wind speeds reach hundreds of miles per hour. It’s not uncommon for turbulence to throw passengers from their seats, potentially causing injuries.

With motorcoach travel, you can reduce such risks. Traveling at lower speeds and in more stable atmospheric conditions decreases the risk of your stomach churning. You don’t have to spend hours strapped to your seat, just because the atmosphere has decided to be inconvenient. It’s just smooth driving all the way to your destination, with fun places to stop off along the way.

Rent A Motorcoach as an Alternative to Private Jet Travel

If you’re looking for an alternative to private jet travel, you’re not alone. Many wealthy people are exploring alternative modes of transport that meet their needs. Fortunately, you don’t have to go out and buy a motorcoach right off the bat. Instead, you can rent a class A motorcoach from LiTRV and test it out first. Contact LiTRV today and experience your own private driver and all the amenities you could ever want to make your trip more enjoyable.