A single mother requiring assistance to move her children and pets across the country after securing a new job. A retired couple traveling to their second home in a warmer climate for several months. A grandfather, unable to fly, seeking aid in relocating to another region to be closer to his grandkids. Each family had different reasons for their one-way journeys, but they all rely on LiTRV – Luxury in Travel for luxury RV rental and the arrangement of a professional driver.

While LiTRV is curating memorable vacations in a luxury motorcoach, more people are recognizing the benefits of traveling in these “hotel suites on wheels” for long-distance, one-way trips. Luxury RV rental features all the comforts of home, including an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds, multiple bathrooms, washer and dryer, and even a dishwasher, unlike standard RVs.


Snowbirds Traveling to Their Second Home Via Luxury RV Rental

Second home luxury RV rental transportation

At the onset of each winter, Harry and Sharon P. travel from their primary residence in Chicago to their second home in Florida. They purchased their property near Cape Coral 23 years ago, and this year marks their first utilization of luxury motorcoach rental to relax while a professional handles all the driving.

Harry discovered LiTRV through an internet search, and during his initial conversation with LiTRV’s concierge specialist, he felt at ease knowing that he and Sharon can bring their Labrador Retriever with them.

“We used to drive with our dog and be on the road for three straight days,” Harry said. “We would stay in motels and arrive in Florida exhausted.”

Cape Coral, Florida luxury RV travel

Sharon expressed that the experience of traveling one-way to Florida via luxury RV rental was “well worth it.”

“It truly is a ‘house on wheels,’ and our driver, Cory, allowed us to be extremely comfortable and relaxed. We can watch TV and listen to music, and the best part is that we can bring our groceries with us, so we don’t have to shop as soon as we arrive at our house,” she said.


Benefits of Luxury RV Travel

Interior of luxury motorcoach rentalTraveling in a large, spacious luxury RV rental has other benefits too – Harry and Sharon can bring more luggage.

“Normally, we pack up boxes and ship them via UPS to Florida,” Harry said. “Instead, Cory loads and unloads our boxes and bags of clothes, groceries, and other household items.”

The couple also requested that LiTRV tow one of their cars behind the luxury RV rental, which they plan to use when grandchildren visit.

Sharon was pleased with how clean everything was.

“Our bed is always comfortable with fresh linens,” she said. “Our house in Chicago sits empty for three to four months, so I know when linens are not fresh. Everything is spotless and smells fresh.”

Harry and Sharon were also impressed with Cory’s driving skills.

“At one point, the rain was pounding down, which made us grateful that we were not driving,” Harry said.

Sharon added, “We arrived at our Florida home refreshed and relaxed. It was a comforting experience and fun!”

Customizing Travel Experiences Using Motorcoach Rental

Whether planning a family vacation or needing to travel a long distance one-way, LiTRV’s concierge specialists provide customized service to ensure a positive travel experience. From assessing luxury RV options to planning travel itineraries and arranging for a professional driver, LiTRV’s team is here to help every step of the way. Let us help you explore your options. Call us at 1-800-369-8153 or fill out the form on our home page for a quote.