A holiday tradition for one family turned into a new adventure this past year when the family turned to LiTRV to help them travel from Kentucky to Florida to spend a week in Disney World.

Each year for the past nine years, Alicia and her family have picked a different destination to travel to over the holidays. The tradition began when Alicia and her husband, Brandon, got married on New Year’s Eve in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

“We didn’t want a big wedding, so our immediate family traveled with us to the resort, and we all had a blast. From that point on, we decided to plan a vacation every holiday,” Alicia said.

But over the last few years, challenges with flight delays and cancellations have caused more headaches than fun.

“Getting there always seems to be the problem,” Alicia said. “In 2021, we had plans to fly to the Nickelodeon Resort in the Dominican Republic. We were supposed to fly from Louisville to Atlanta, but our flight was cancelled, so we had to drive there. Then we got stuck in the airport, which is no fun with several young children.”

In early 2022, Alicia and her family began to plan for a holiday vacation in Disney World. But no one wanted to drive.

“At first we thought about getting a bus, but my mother is a big shopper and we needed room for the extra luggage,” she said. “Also, my sister just had a baby, so we needed room for her stroller and other items.”

Alicia continued to search for a solution. They needed comfortable, safe, reliable transportation for 13 family members. She found LiTRV’s luxury motorcoach rental services while searching the internet.

“Their fees were within our budget,” she said. “We actually looked at what we spent with airline flights, luggage fees, Uber rides to the airport and other expenses, and it was comparable to the cost of renting a luxury motorcoach and private driver.”

Alicia said the round-trip experience worked out very well. The driver picked everyone up at her home at night so they could arrive at Disney World the next day.

Alicia and her family on the luxury motorcoach they rented from LiTRV for their holiday trip to Disney World.

“The kids loved it. The motorcoach used to be a tour bus for Gibson Guitars, and the décor was cool. There was plenty of room to sleep and stretch out. Driving through the night is a great option, especially if you have kids, and the best part is that we didn’t have to wait on any lines,” she said.

Coming home, they decided to leave a day early, and so they rang in the New Year and celebrated Alicia and Brandon’s anniversary on the motorcoach.

“It was a great alternative to flying,” Alicia said. “The motorcoach was clean, the driver was nice, and it just made our holiday experience much better than in previous years. We would recommend it to other families who are planning a vacation.”