Traveling with dogs (and other pets) can be a nightmare. There can be loads of paperwork, your animal may feel distressed, and some transport options might be unavailable.

For instance, if you want to travel with your dog by plane, you have to check with the airline to confirm whether or not it accepts pets, choose a suitable carrier, get a bunch of veterinary health check-ups, and spend many hours checking in. What should be a simple process can start to feel like a nightmare.

Even the process of getting a dog into a car can be stressful. Some dogs can experience fear during journeys, feel too cramped, or lack the training to stay still on long trips.

That’s why more dog owners are opting to transport their dogs on motorcoaches. These luxurious homes on wheels eliminate many traditional issues involved in long-distance pet travel.

Do you want to learn more? If so, this article is here to help. In it, we explore the benefits of motorcoach rental for dogs and why it is a fabulous alternative for pet owners.

Why Dogs Hate Travel

Dogs can dislike travel for a variety of well-studied reasons.

The main issue is fear. Dogs can develop a phobia of travel due to a negative experience in the past. For example, if a dog was involved in a car accident, it may become afraid of future car rides.

Lack of familiarity is another major issue. Dogs may feel scared or uncomfortable when traveling away from home. They may not know if they are safe.

Conventional forms of transport are also uncomfortable for pets. Dogs may dislike them because of heat, noise, or cramped conditions.

Many owners train their dogs over time to make them feel more comfortable during long-distance trips using techniques such as gradual exposure. They may even provide them with medication to calm their nerves.

However, traveling in a luxury coach can eliminate the need for such approaches. Dogs generally feel much more comfortable in motorcoaches compared to other transport options.

The Benefits of Motorcoaches for Long-Distance Road Trips with Your Dog

Here are some benefits of choosing a motorcoach for long-distance travel with your pooch.

More Control Over the Environment

Lack of environmental control is one of the reasons dogs hate long journeys. It’s easy for them to get too hot or cold, especially during the summer and winter.

Fortunately, private motorcoaches address this issue. You can maintain consistent temperatures and ventilation en route, improving your pet’s comfort.

As an example, LiTRV supplies coach rentals with controls that let you adjust the climate on the fly. It’s as simple as twisting a knob on the dashboard.

Better Facilities and Amenities

Secondly, motorcoaches provide a superior environment for pets, including dogs and cats. Many offer animal transportation features, such as non-slip floors and more than enough room for a large dog bed or crate.

Large motorcoaches also have plenty of space for pets to relax and spread out, meaning dogs are less likely to feel confined. Vehicles have space for bedding, dog toys, and treats. Providers may provide these as a complimentary part of the service if you tell them you will travel with your pet in advance. Some motorcoach companies provide cat amenities such as litter trays and scratching poles.

Improved Safety

Motorcoaches travel may be significantly safer for your pet than other transport options. Dogs can explore a self-contained area without needing you to open any doors. Drivers regularly take precautions to prevent animals from escaping or injuring themselves.

Motorcoaches also provide a host of safety features that benefit all occupants, including enhanced collision avoidance, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control.

Drivers can assist you with loading animals on and off your motorcoach, even if you want to transport multiple pets. This part of the service is particularly helpful for older adults or parents with children.

Reduced Anxiety

Lastly, motorcoaches can help your pet feel more relaxed. As discussed above, many dogs dislike car, train, and plane rides because they make them anxious. Puppies are at an even higher risk.

The main problem is the confined space. Conventional modes of transport can cause dogs to feel trapped with people they don’t know, adding to their nervousness.

Luxury motorcoaches help to reduce these sensations. For instance, interior cabin spaces on motor coaches are significantly larger than cars or planes. Furthermore, manufacturers design vehicles with sophisticated suspension systems, reducing the bumpiness of the road and helping dogs feel more balanced and at ease.

Professional motorcoach drivers can assist your pets by driving carefully along the route, avoiding sudden stops and starts, which can stress dogs. Driving smoothly and cornering gently reduces g-forces and can help prevent dogs (and people) from experiencing any symptoms of motion sickness.

Hire a Luxury Motorcoach from LiTRV and Transport Your Dog in Comfort and Style

Luxury motorcoaches are arguably the best way to transport dogs long distances. They provide plenty of space, come with all the amenities they need, and you can stop whenever you’d like. Dogs are less likely to feel stressed, panicked, or anxious during the trip, improving their overall experience.

In addition, motorcoach travel offers many benefits to dog owners. Luxury motorcoaches help you avoid many hassles associated with using public transport or airlines, enhancing your experience of the trip. You can let your hair down and enjoy yourself rather than worrying all the time about your pet.

LiTRV offers a range of luxury motorcoaches which are suitable for dogs. These come with all the features discussed above and many more, such as TVs, refrigerators, Wi-Fi, and classy décor. Smart pet owners are increasingly choosing luxury motorcoach travel over other transport options to help reduce stress and to improve their traveling experience with their four legged friends.

You can find out more about our motorcoach rentals here on our website. We can equip vehicles with all the amenities your animal needs and recommend specific models. We can also take you anywhere you want in the country with almost no restrictions. Contact us today to learn more.