Our pets are part of the family. They greet us each day when we get home. They can cheer you up when you’re feeling down. And for some of us, they help us navigate through everyday life as service animals.

When planning a luxury vacation, families can be limited on options if they want to bring their cat or dogs along. Traveling with a pet on a plane is stressful for a pet, whether they are stuck in a pet carrier or checked with the cargo. And traveling by car can make the whole group feel crammed with limited space for relaxing.

LiTRV – Luxury In Travel recently welcomed a family on one of their luxury motorcoaches that brought their furry friends along. By traveling with LiTRV, their pets were able to lounge in a luxury coach on the sofa and queen bed. The whole family enjoyed quality time together while also enjoying comfort and space that can only be found in a luxury motorcoach.

When planning your next trip, don’t leave Fido at home. Get in touch with one of our personal concierges and we can help map out your itinerary and ensure that you have everything you need to allow the entire family, including your pet, the utmost comfort. We will help you plan your next luxury motorcoach vacation. Get in touch with us today!