You and your family want a luxury motorcoach rental and take a memorable vacation for a few weeks. Whether you’re familiar with RVs, or this will be your first experience traveling in an RV, it’s important to know your choices when assessing your rental options.

Interior of a luxury motorcoach rental

The process of renting an RV for a vacation is not that different from renting a hotel room. There are many options, and much depends on what level of service you desire and your budget.


The Difference Between Motorcoach Rental Types


There are some companies, like Cruise America, which specialize in renting Class C motorcoaches. Most of these recreational vehicles are between 21 and 41 feet long and have a storage area or sleeping compartment over the driver’s cab. However, that’s not what makes them a Class C vehicle. Their defining feature is their “raw” van chassis. Manufacturers cut away at all the paneling behind the driver’s cabin, leaving only the supporting struts, wheel axles, and exhaust. They then construct the accommodation and living quarters on top of these. Large families choose this RV style because they are less expensive, and they provide enough space for their children. Class C recreational vehicles are usually easier to drive as well. To learn more visit our previous post outlining the difference between and standard RV and luxury RV rental.

Example of Class C RV rental

There are other companies, like Outdoorsy, RVnGo, and RVShare, which are peer-to-peer marketplaces, much like Airbnb, with a wider variety of recreational vehicles and campervans. This firm connects you directly to the RV owner so you can ask questions about the vehicle and do a key exchange either through an arranged delivery or by picking it up at the owner’s property.


Renting a Luxury Class A Motorcoach

For the ultimate travel experience, consider renting a luxury Class A motorcoach from a full-service firm like LiTRV. Class A motorcoaches are the most extravagant RVs on the market, ranging from 39 to 45 feet long. Relax in the plush confines of your “hotel suite on wheels,” which features all the comforts of home including the convenience of an expansive kitchen, comfortable beds, multiple bathrooms, washer and dryer and even a dishwasher.

When you choose to rent a luxury motorcoach through a full-service rental company, you also have peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is safe, clean, and that all amenities are working properly. Our LiTRV team inspects each coach prior to rental, and should a problem arise on the road during your journey, our professional drivers may be able to solve the problem or we’ll arrange for mobile service or find another timely solution.

These are important things to consider. For example, if you rent directly from an owner in San Diego and two days into your trip, you’re at a campsite and your water valve doesn’t open, chances are likely that the owner won’t drive to meet you to assist you. Or, if you’re in the middle of the high desert and the engine stops running, you may be stuck. Some firms, like Outdoorsy, have roadside assistance so long as you purchase that insurance, but in that scenario, you would still have to find another similar RV near you.


Benefits of a Luxury RV Rental


Another benefit of hiring a full-service luxury motorcoach rental firm such as LiTRV is that you have access to a concierge service that will help you assess which type of luxury RV to rent depending on your needs. For example, an older couple with mobility issues will likely have different needs than a young family of four traveling with their dog. We’ll also help plan your itinerary, make reservations at luxury RV resorts or popular resorts and spas, and assist with other travel plans, such as making reservations at national parks, fine dining reservations, and more.

In addition, LiTRV can assist you with renting additional vehicles that can be towed behind the luxury motorcoach rental or we can tow your car, motorcycle, or other vehicles.


Example of a luxury motorcoach rental available from Luxury in Travel

If you’re ready to treat yourself to a memorable vacation in a luxury motorcoach rental, plan on budgeting a minimum of $15,000 for one week.

If budget constraints limit your options, you may want to explore RV rental firms like Cruise America, Outdoorsy, RVnGo, and RVShare. These companies have solid reputations for the services they provide.

It all boils down to what type of travel adventure you are seeking, and what level of service is best suited for you.