The Sebring Endurance Race is a 12-hour endurance race and the first of two major races in the Tudor United Sportscar Series to be held at Sebring International Raceway. The event began in 1952 under the auspices of the SCCA. It was a very important race in the early days of North American sports car racing, and it remains a very popular event to this day.

Fans from around the world flock to watch the race and if you’re one of them, you should do it in luxury this year. Luxury RV rentals are the best way to enjoy this incredible event with all the comforts you need. You’ll be right at the heart of the action, so you won’t miss a thing.

The Amazing Benefits Of Sebring Motorcoach Rentals

Most people watch the Sebring Endurance Race on a TV screen. That’s not nearly as good as being right there to watch it all happen. You’ve got to remember that it’s a 12-hour endurance race, so comfort is key, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with luxury motorcoach rentals.

You will benefit from a motorcoach fitted out with all of the latest amenities including comfortable beds to sleep in, a fully stocked gourmet kitchen area to make food in, an area to relax in and watch TV or play games when you want a break from the action, and even a fully functional fireplace. Expect a strong WIFI connection and even a washer and dryer too. You’ll also get a satellite TV feed, so you can get all the analysis from the sportscasters while you’re watching the action unfold.


Get Close To the Action

Having your own motorcoach means you can get up close with all the racing teams making their pit stops for fuel and driver swaps. There are so many benefits to renting a luxury motorcoach for Sebring race week at Sebring International Raceway. It really is an awesome way to see an incredible event!


Relax, De-stress And Enjoy The Ride.

Motorcoach rentals take all the stress out of the journey.

There’s no need to book flights and worry about navigating the airport. There are no long trips in a cramped car either. You’ll be enjoying a luxury hotel on wheels and relaxing on the way to the race. If you choose a rental option that comes with a driver, you just need to kick back and enjoy the ride, while taking advantage of all the incredible features that come with a high-end, luxury coach.

There is a surprising amount of space in a Class A motorhome rental, so if you are planning a big family trip to the Endurance Race and you want a simple solution that can comfortably accommodate everybody, a motorcoach rental is your best bet. You’ll get plenty of room for the entire family and you can cook delicious food in your own kitchen and chill out comfortably too. It’s a great way to keep everybody happy while watching a race that is going to be memorable no matter what happens!

Sebring, Florida is a beautiful place and there are plenty of nice areas to explore once the race is finished. The beauty of traveling in a motorcoach is that you have the freedom to set your own schedule and go wherever you want, so you can experience the surrounding area after watching the Endurance Race.

It can really ruin your experience at Sebring if you are worried about making travel arrangements or finding somewhere comfortable to watch the action. That’s why it’s so great having everything at your fingertips in a luxury motorcoach. You’re essentially getting a fully-fledged, luxury hotel room on wheels, with your own personal driver and concierge. The convenience means that you can just enjoy the race without having to worry about anything else.


Why Choose LiTRV For Sebring Motorcoach Rentals?

If you want to experience the Sebring Endurance Race in style this year and you are looking for a motorcoach rental company, look no further than LiTRV. We offer a comprehensive, customizable service to make sure that you get the experience you want. We have a full range of high-end motorcoaches and they come complete with a concierge service. This means that we are available to help make your travel experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Our included driver service means that you don’t have to worry about finding your way around or dealing with the busy roads near the event. We do it all for you, so you can just sit back and enjoy everything. And if you want to use our trip planning services, we’d be happy to do that too. We can even organize a luxury motorcoach resort for you to stay in during the event. All you need to do is pick your departure date and let us handle the rest.

A little-known fact; LiTRV is one of the major provider of luxury motorcoaches to the racing industry, including many of your favorite race teams and drivers.

At LiTRV we are dedicated to offering you the best possible experience. We provide luxury motorcoach rentals for major events across the USA, so we are well accustomed to catering for large groups and individuals too. That means whether you want to enjoy Sebring in your own private motorcoach or need an option for a group of friends, LiTRV can accommodate you. We will discuss your specific needs with you to find the perfect motorcoach for your trip, so you have all the space and amenities that you and your group need.

If you’re looking for a motorcoach travel company that can provide everything from concierge services to customized packages, look no further than LiTRV! You will be experiencing the Sebring Endurance race in the best way possible when you book with us—and you’ll get to go out there and explore during your trip too.

Get in touch today to learn more about Sebring luxury RV rentals and get a quote for your trip.