It’s an exciting journey in every high schooler’s life when selecting the college they will attend. There are approximately 5,300 colleges and universities in the United States; it can be quite the process to choose the right university. Travelers of LiTRV know that distance should not limit college options. Check out a couple of tips on how to find the best university to meet the academic, social, and professional needs for soon-to-be-university students:

Finding the right fit.

Prospective students and their families spend months, if not years, selecting the right university for their future. Many admissions professionals recommend scheduling campus visits to get a better feel for the schools. Due to COVID-19, it may be harder to accommodate travel to various colleges across the country. LiTRV – Luxury in Travel provides travelers with safe and clean transport all across the United States. Each luxury motorcoach comes equipped with WiFi to allow parents to work remotely from the road without missing a beat while students can participate in online learning from the road.

Start planning early.

It’s recommended that families begin touring colleges during the spring of junior year to get a better feel for what types of campus is best. Spring break is a great time to schedule a few college tours, as well as late summer and early fall before senior year. LiTRV’s personal concierge service can work directly with you to coordinate itineraries in order to maximize your trip. Road trip vacations can be comfortable any time of year with all the finest amenities at hand. Travelers who choose a luxury motorcoach college tour experience convenience during every mile of their trip.

Learn about the local community.

Although the university is the main attraction, it’s also important to tour the surrounding communities where students live and work. Will a city university offer more opportunities outside of school, or will your student prefer to be immersed in a college town? The luxury motorcoach provides flexibility to enjoy the top destinations, dining options and Dean’s offices at the campuses of your choice.

LiTRV is an A+ solution to touring colleges in style. The luxury motorcoaches offer an amazing experience for the entire family that will create lasting memories while providing safe travel.