A parent with painful arthritis in their back and knees. A chronically-ill child with inner ear infections. A grandparent who needs oxygen. In some cases, when planning a long-distance trip, you and your family might think you need to arrange for medical transportation. But, did you know there is a more comfortable and luxurious transportation option when a loved one’s health condition limits the way you travel?

Depending on the health condition and medical needs, standard medical transportation solutions may not be necessary. Unfortunately, many people still request conventional medical transport because they don’t know where else to turn.

Our team at LiTRV is here to help. We’ve worked with many individuals and families who can’t travel by airplane, car, bus or train for various health-related reasons. Sometimes they need a one-way trip, like a family that recently moved their elderly parents across the country to be closer to them. Other times, they plan a fun, round-trip vacation on one of our luxury motorcoaches, complete with one of our private drivers.

While LiTRV does not provide traditional medical transport services, we can work with you to customize your trip to best accommodate family members or friends with special health needs.


What Are Conventional Medical Transport Services Like?


Medical transport services are generally involved with the process of transporting patients who require medical treatment from one location to another. These service providers vary in the mode of transportation they use, but most share similar characteristics.

For example, many non-emergency medical transport services put their passengers in the back of a modified van and take them to clinics. Most do not provide any additional services to help you enjoy the ride. Refreshments, regular stops, and entertainment are generally unavailable.

This approach comes from the medical industry’s priorities. Providers strive for cleanliness, utility, and medical surveillance instead of luxury and comfort.

If the trip is long, the passenger could spend hours in cramped conditions, feeling uncomfortable, without the essential breaks they need. Sometimes, they have no option but to sit or lie patiently until they reach their destination.


How Luxury Coach Transport Is Different


Naturally, a luxury RV rental provides a different experience entirely. Motorcoaches give you all the space you need with as many stops as you like. Unlike standard medical transport services, you’re in control, not the provider.

Motorcoach long-distance transport is ideal for practically all ambulatory patients. It’s like a home away from home, letting you keep all the luxuries you love close by while on the road.

LiTRV, for instance, can arrange for your motorcoach journey to include a private chauffeur. They know how to pilot the vehicle for maximum comfort, by reducing bumpiness and minimizing g-forces on your body during the ride. Our drivers are also sensitive to passengers with health conditions, and they always adhere to your requirements, whether that means driving slowly, stopping regularly, or heading directly to your destination.

Furthermore, unlike standard services, you get access to all the features of a luxury motorcoach. Depending on the model you choose, you could enjoy:

  • A television with internet connectivity to watch your favorite shows
  • Access to a refrigerator for chilled beverages
  • A spacious, luxurious bathroom you can access at any time
  • Multiple residential appliances, including a cooker, microwave, toaster, coffee machine, and more
  • Heated floors – perfect for the winter months
  • Room to accommodate your family, friends, luggage, and medical prescriptions, and some medical equipment
  • Hot and cold water whenever you need it
  • Numerous storage bins

However, perhaps the biggest benefit of traveling in a luxury motorcoach is the ability to stop and enjoy your surroundings on the way to your destination. Unlike standard medical transport services that whisk you to your destination directly, LiTRV motorcoaches can stop at scenic spots or other destinations along the way.

For example, suppose you live in Florida but require medical treatment in Nevada. You might choose to visit New Orleans and then a national park along the way, giving you a vacation-like experience while you travel. You can take the opportunity to see the country, experience a new city, and even attend exciting events as part of your trip.


Customize Your Trip with LiTRV


Organizing activities yourself can be challenging when you require long distance transport, particularly if you don’t feel well. Fortunately, LiTRV can do all the planning for you. Our service includes private drivers and concierge services that you can customize. Just tell us what you want, and we can make it happen.

For example, if you are traveling across the U.S., we can provide an itinerary for your route, based on your requirements. If you want to skip something on your schedule or don’t feel well enough, we’ll pass right on by and take you to the next destination. It’s totally up to you.

We can also schedule regular stops along the way, providing you with opportunities to get outside, breathe some fresh air, or grab your favorite refreshments.

If you or a loved one has a health condition that limits the way you travel, consider renting a luxury motorcoach with LiTRV. Our seasoned team of motorcoach specialists is dedicated to providing a safe, customized, smooth, comfortable, pleasant and memorable trip.